Perfect Post-Workout Smoothie

Random Observation/Comment #444: A healthy diet is more important than an exercise routine. You can lose weight just by eating less…

Earlier this year, I got this amazing present from my gf’s mom – I call it the Emulsifier. I was hesitant to use it at first, but since that first smoothie, it’s changed my health and meal selection. I’ve started drinking these amazing post workout morning smoothies for breakfast and a lot more soups after using it to make real tomato and peas soup bases.



My smoothie has 4 components entered in this order:

  • Frozen fruit – this is necessary for me because a post work out deserves a cold drink and there’s no way I’m adding ice.
    • pineapples
    • strawberries
    • grapes
    • mixed berries
    • peaches
  • Fresh fruit – I add this for the taste and because I usually have fruit lying around
    • banana
    • pineapple
    • orange
    • kiwis
  • Almond soy milk – the hint of vanilla and nutty taste really brings it all together. I choose soy milk because I’m lactose intolerant, but I think it’s less thick.
    • Almond vanilla – my favorite and go-to base bought in packs from amazon
    • Almond chocolate – tried it a few times and found it too sweet
  • Misc additions – there’s always some extra stuff to throw in
    • Chia seeds – great source of protein and gets ground up finely
    • Flavored yogurt – makes it thicker and adds more good stuff for replenishment


Taste combinations:
I’ve found fresh banana makes everything taste better and thickens the whole mixture. The frozen fruit is a definite need or else it’s just a warm smoothie or watered-down ice one doesn’t work at all. Chia seeds makes the whole thing crunchier (like kiwi seeds). IMHO, I don’t particularly like liquified apples or oranges as much as bananas and pineapples. I also think it’s more economical to buy the fruit fresh, cut it up into portions, and then put some of it in the freezer.

A word of warning: Using a blender at 7am isn’t the quietest thing I’m the world. I think it’s slightly better with hand blenders because you can hold the cup instead of having it vibrate the whole table. Luckily, the emulsifier is diesel and doesn’t take that much time. It does, however, dull a bit. After 3 months, I’m seeing it take slightly longer to liquefy those frozen fruits.


Some of my tasty concoctions:

  • Old faithful. Frozen pineapple, ripe banana, and Chia seeds with almond soy milk. It’s simple, tastes great, and filled with nutrients.
  • Blue steel. Frozen berries, banana, and chia seeds with almond soy milk. I love how it’s blue…
  • Peaches No Cream. Frozen peaches, pineapple, and chia seeds with almond soy milk.

~See Lemons Love Smoothies