[30 Day Challenge] 30 Favorite Photos of 2014

Random Observation/Comment #453: If you take a photo and don’t share it on the internet, did you really take it?

bob the vulture

Why This List?

I’m probably going to make a full photo album of my favorite 2014 photos of all time, but I’m going to choose these 30 because I will use them for the cover photos for the next 29 lists and they also represent the story of my year. To me, these photos may not be the most beautiful photos I took, but they definitely make me the most nostalgic.

  1. the haze

    World above the clouds

  2. scenes

    Dream theater rock on

  3. sunrise

    Nepal sunrise

  4. one is the lonliest

    one is the loneliest number

  5. upstate

    Photos of an old town

  6. to the hike

    Hiking adventures

  7. together

    It’s better when we’re together

  8. tt for life

    TT Spin Addicts

  9. shhhhh


  10. old china

    Old town in China

  11. that view


  12. nepal sunrise

    Breathtaking sunrise

  13. nepal kid

    Photogenic Nepalese

  14. jamaica hummingbird

    Hummingbirds in Jamaica

  15. good times with dad

    Easily happy

  16. jamaica

    Would be cooler if he were walking away from an explosion

  17. ducks diving

    Duck feeding

  18. dumps

    So many dumps

  19. istanbul


  20. bon fires

    Bon Fires in the Hamptons

  21. cuddle monster

    Henry the Cuddle Monster

  22. akshay rooftop

    My new home

  23. the first puzzle

    Puzzles Piecing us together

  24. vancouver

    Family trip to vancouver

  25. daily show

    Daily Show with Jon Stewart!

  26. sweet enough

    Honey for bears

  27. thats life

    Our travel motto

  28. brooklyn view

    Dumbo strolls

  29. yummy

    Scorpions on a stick

  30. adventures

    Let’s Get Clemens’ed

~See Lemons Love 2014