[30 Day Challenge] 30 Places I want to visit

Random Observation/Comment #455: If we were meant to stay put, we’d have roots instead of legs.

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Why This List?

I’ve traveled to a lot of places, but I’ve never gotten tired of exploring new cultures and seeing more breath taking things. Even if the list of 35 countries becomes 135, I think I’d still revisit each place with a new motivation and sense of bewilderment.  I’ve split this list into different types of travel: Relaxation, Adventure, Romance, and In Good Company.

To come up with this list, I took some from my archived previous lists and also just flew around on Google Earth looking for cool things.

  1. Roadtrip from East Coast to West Coast (over the course of 6 weeks or so)
  2. Thailand for beautiful beaches and adventurous wandering
  3. Australia for kangaroos and barbies
  4. New Zealand for hobbits and extreme sports
  5. Alaska to kill moose and hang out with bears on Kodiak island
  6. Japan again in good company
  7. Honduras / Roatan for scuba
  8. Belize for the jungle experience and scuba
  9. Costa Rica just because I’ve never gone and I’ve heard good things
  10. San Blas Islands, Panama from high recommendations
  11. Hungary to see some friends
  12. Greece for the coastline
  13. Portugal to hear real Portuguese
  14. Southern Spain (Seville, Grenada)
  15. Hawaii for rainbows and spam
  16. Peru Machu Pichu hike
  17. Laos to ride elephants
  18. Myanmar (Burma) because Wen said so
  19. Sweden to see attractive women (“that’s bullshit” ~gf)
  20. Finland to not understand anything they’re saying
  21. Denmark for the architecture
  22. Maldives just because it seems so badass to sail between restaurants
  23. Israel to visit some good people
  24. Jordan to ride some camels
  25. Cape Town South Africa
  26. Galapagos Island to see birds or something
  27. Poland because of three sheets
  28. Sicily for seafood
  29. Baja California seems gnarly
  30. Space. The Final Frontier.

~See Lemons Visit New Places