[30 Day Challenge] 30 Favorite Movies

Random Observation/Comment #456: Sometimes I think I’m in a movie. Part of me wishes it’s a romantic comedy with cliche catch phrases, but the cooler part of me just wants it to become a sci fi post-apocalyptic zombie film where I’m a sniper.

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Why This List?

We all love getting lost in the story and growing with the characters. Good movies are like good speeches – they move us and inspire us to consider another perspective. There are good movies that have really badass special effects and no plot whatsoever, but I wanted to see the ones I remembered. I will refrain from giving personal explanations for each of these or else I’d be here forever.

  1. Forrest Gump
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. The Avengers
  4. The Terminal
  5. The Darjeeling Limited
  6. A Chinese Odyssey (Part 1 & 2)
  7. Lost in Translation
  8. The Matrix
  9. Book of Eli
  10. Leon the Professional
  11. Beauty and the Beast
  12. Ratatouille
  13. Star Wars (y’know, the good one)
  14. Wall-E
  15. A Clockwork Orange
  16. Braveheart
  17. Love Actually
  18. 3 Idiots (watched it with subtitles)
  19. Finding Nemo
  20. The Princess Bride
  21. Groundhog Day
  22. Moulin Rouge
  23. The Godfather
  24. Up
  25. Drunken Master 2
  26. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  27. Fight Club
  28. Office Space
  29. Shanghai Noon / Shanghai Knights
  30. The Dark Knight (the joker was so cool)

Looking back on this list, I think I’ve watched way too many movies in my life to only recommend 30. I think these are movies that I’ve seen more than 3 times and would certainly watch 15 more.  I’ll probably make an alternative list of 30 for honorable mentions later.

~See Lemons Love Movies