[30 Day Challenge] 30 Things I want to do

Random Observation/Comment #457: When you want to do something, it doesn’t seem like work. In fact, there’s not enough time when you’re having fun.

one is the lonliest

Why This List?

There’s always something we want to do in the immediate and short term that leads to the obtaining of status, skills, knowledge, or material goods in the future. I want to focus this list on the actual actionable items that just take a bit of elbow grease and planning rather than the state of things that we want to be.  These are the stepping stones that make dreams come true. Just go and do it.

  1. Create a Professional Photography Portfolio
  2. Implement a game with Oculus Rift SDK
  3. Create a consistent #coffeechat at work for photography
  4. Create an “Ignite” or “Stand up for passion” monthly speak up session at work
  5. Take a professional cooking class on a different cuisine
  6. Start a yoga/stretching routine so I can palm the floor (and heal my back)
  7. Complete another 30 day healthy challenge
  8. Start a MOOC on a non-tech and non-finance related topic
  9. Organize a surprise birthday party for a friend
  10. Organize an event around releasing lanterns/kites into the sky with candles inside
  11. Write a crossword
  12. Practice reading with emphasis and voice inflections by recording a chapter reading for an audiobook
  13. Create an android app that publishes random observation/comments
  14. Extend “You’re Pretty Fucking Awesome, Keep that Shit Up” to a hashtag or formal site for NYC and beyond
  15. Train for a physical challenge
  16. Learn a new photoshop technique that can improve photo edits
  17. Take a singing lesson
  18. Complete a full module on memrise
  19. Learn how to shoot/edit video
  20. Plan a trip for my parents
  21. Clear my digital clutter (I can probably write a separate blogpost about this)
  22. Take an improv class
  23. Take more portrait photos of friends
  24. Post more on reddit – try for front page
  25. Give a speech to inspire others
  26. Make something with my hands
  27. Put together a photobook to physically print
  28. Relearn reading Chinese
  29. Refresh my life by buying new business socks, v-neck under shirts, and boxers
  30. Take a NYC food tour – best ramen spots? best burgers?

~See Lemons Do More