[30 Day Challenges] 30 Things to be Thankful About

Random Observation/Comment #459: It’s no hover car, but the future does have a pretty accessible tree of knowledge.


Why This List?

Thanksgiving always reminds me about mashed potatoes. I also sometimes think about Native Americans getting small pox. And family. Family and food. It’s all important.

  1. Good Health. No major issues with vital organs and no major ails.
  2. Optimism. Mentally healthy and mostly positive about almost everything.
  3. Great family. Supportive and nurturing. Always there for a chat and willing to give advice.
  4. Awesome signifcant other. She’s not perfect, but we make one hell of a team.
  5. Great friends. Dependable, fun, and interesting. Maybe everything revolves around travel, photography, boozing, and eating, but what doesn’t?
  6. Good physique. Not too overweight, decent looking in a mirror, and getting regular exercise.
  7. Employed. Dependable salary-based pay in this economy is fantastic.
  8. Balanced work-life. Able to work hard and play hard without feeling too stressed about either.
  9. Solid network. Beyond close friends, successful acquaintenances teeter the realm of being regulars and inspire me to keep going.
  10. Being a part of NYC Scene. Everyone aims to live in/near NYC and I’m happy to work here and make the NYC Scene what it is.
  11. Youth and minimal responsibility. It’s not immaturity, but rather the knowledge of how much things change with marriage, kids, and the abyss of debt.
  12. Education/degree. Thank you, Cooper, for engraining skills and thought processes that can be used across all industries.
  13. Travel experiences. Beyond the checkbox game of countries, I love new cultures and the worldly knowledge that comes from these travels.
  14. No Food allergies. It’s so important, I want to separate it from healthy. It would really suck if I were allergic to seafood or beer or mashed potatoes. Milk is okay.
  15. Energetic. Wake up and go! Adds to productivity and outlook.
  16. Debt free. Not paying off student loans (thanks, Cooper), mortgage, or expensive insurances.
  17. Healthy Friends/Family. Some may have their own issues, but we’re all healthy and relatively happy.
  18. Direction. Knowing my strengths/weaknesses let me point myself in the right direction to where my skills can help my community most.
  19. Upbringing. I feel very lucky my parents pushed me and my brother the way they did. Not really sure what it was, but I hope to repeat the same for my child(ren).
  20. Emotions. A bit meta, but I’m happy I can feel. I’d rather go through the rollercoaster of emotions than feel nothing at all.  Maybe I watched too much Dexter.
  21. STEM. It’s more the thought process, but I’m glad everyone realizes the power of logic and practical solutions. Everything we know is built from these fundamentals.
  22. Lazy weekends/Staycations. Because sometimes you need to unwind.
  23. Table Tennis. I’m just glad this sport exists because it’s such a big part of my happiness.
  24. Coffee. I’d be energetic without it, but why?
  25. The Internet (Reddit). I am occassionally productive on this cute cat videos portal.
  26. Change. Every day is a new day and brings the will to change.
  27. Karma. Pay it forward. Thank you, strangers.
  28. Lessons Learned. Reflecting and getting smarter every day.
  29. Music. Somehow you know exactly how 15-year-old emo Clemens feels.
  30. Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays that just focuses on family, friends, and eating a lot.

~See Lemons Thankful