[30 Day Challenge] 30 Side Projects That Never Got Published

Random Observation/Comment #461: Starting projects are easier than finishing them. I think we all just need to focus.

henhen yawn

Why This List?

If you know me, then you know I have a lot of overlapping side interests. When these interests expand to a cool DIY project or even an in-depth start-up, I wind up writing lists and gaining a huge amount of positive energy that powers though the initial phases.  Once the design and the brainstorming and sharing is done, we really just need to sit down and do it, right?  Well, sometimes I get caught up starting the next project that doesn’t get finished or talking about other things that are fun to do.  That’s why I have a list of 30 and this list wasn’t hard to make at all. I’ll probably eventually finish these.

  1. 2nd Epic 30 Day Challenge – set it up for last year, but wound up cooking instead
  2. Bad Idea Bears Travel Guide to Bad Ideas Travel
  3. Epic drug story from Fiasco at the Harlem apartment RPG night
  4. “You’re Pretty Fucking Awesome, Keep that Shit Up” hashtags / kickstarter
  5. Bedtime Moo story
  6. Love with an Expiration Date
  7. Dirty Plates
  8. 30 Day Challenges: Brief Battles Win the War
  9. Pragmatic Guide to Public Speaking
  10. TT Stats App
  11. 30 Day Sober Challenge – I am not very good at being sober
  12. 30 Day Vegetarian Challenge – Longest I did was 10 days
  13. Random Observation/Comment App
  14. Gifs memory mental map
  15. Digiweave Suggestions
  16. Cooking4Friends – somewhat replaced by kitchensurfing.com
  17. Recooperation – denied by alumni association
  18. Luxury delivery room service
  19. Motivate.me
  20. Stand up for passion @work
  21. FeatureVote
  22. #haikueveryday – 88 was pretty good
  23. Start-up owner manual
  24. Whiteboard ideas
  25. 30 Day Challenge organizer/community app
  26. Hyperlapse
  27. Lessons Learned from bitcoin trading
  28. GrafSpotting
  29. Pillow Blanket (I still really want this in my life)
  30. Yogoals (which is a WIP, but I haven’t written about yet)

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