[30 Day Challenge] 30 Accomplishments

Random Observation/Comment #462: Be proud when you complete any project that takes more than 6 months of planning. That’s a substantial amount of time! It’s basically 2 semesters worth of normal college classes where you learn a quarter of all the education you’ll need to start working full time.


Why This List?

I think we often take for granted our completed work. You, as a person right now, is an accumulation of experience and accomplishments. Be proud of that and think of how you’ve made your mark in your own character and the lives of others.  This reflection is meant to be healthy and inspire you to believe in your continuous abilities to reach a higher plane.

  1. This blog. What a journey it has been and continues to be about my life.
  2. Graduated from Cooper with 165 credits in 4 years
  3. Completed a Master’s Thesis on EHD Thruster Simulations
  4. Hosted a TEDx at Credit Suisse
  5. Traveled to 35 countries and met friends in most of them
  6. Yelp Elite since 2011
  7. Paid for photography in portraits, lifestyle, and interior
  8. Studied abroad in Japan and Germany
  9. Learned German and Japanese
  10. Started a company and got paid for consulting start-ups
  11. Completed an epic 30 day challenge
  12. Co-started a mentorship program with credit suisse and Baruch high school
  13. Mentored JP Morgan and Cooper toastmasters during their inception and for 4 months after
  14. Successfully delivered 6 major projects within the trading space
  15. Ran the internship programs and hired those interns as my project leads when they became full time
  16. Completed my CC and at least 4 CLs and ALB in toastmasters
  17. Wrote and published 2 books
  18. Wrote a full web comic
  19. Won a table tennis match against Edmund
  20. Built countless RoR prototypes and web apps
  21. Made lasting close friendships that I consider family
  22. Assembled a lot of ikea furniture
  23. Cooked a 6 course meal by myself for friends and family
  24. Made mastermind in DLD (and spent hours making the wires look perfectly straight)
  25. Raised over $3000 for St Baldricks and Charity:Water
  26. Grew a mustache (it’s an accomplishment for me)
  27. Shot a 91 in marksmanship
  28. Moved in with my gf and still dating her
  29. Deemed tech support by all my friends and family
  30. Got my gf to do a writing challenge with me

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