[30 Day Challenges] 30 Essential Items

Random Observation/Comment #463: Don’t let your technology control you. We should be the master.


Why This List?

I’m not sure if i should make this list ironic and symbolic of how nothing as a possession is really “essential”. We can all live without our smart phones, the internet, and social media accounts, right?  Maybe these are the things we think are essential, but we can all live without (since we lived without it before 1990). Anyway, these are the items I find important and probably what I usually pack for my travels.

  1. Bags (Of all types. Bags are just so useful)
  2. A quality suit (dress clothes + shoes implied)
  3. Clean socks
  4. Clean underwear (microfiber)
  5. Glasses (to help you see if this applies to you)
  6. Reliable pair of comfortable jeans
  7. Sweatpants / Onesies / Sleeping clothes
  8. Warm/stylish hat and scarf (depending on weather)
  9. Wallet / mechanism to store your minimal number of cards, IDs, and cash
  10. Toothbrush and tooth paste
  11. Soap
  12. Comfortable pillow + comfortable bed/cot
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Sun-tan lotion (because we don’t want cancer)
  15. Writing utencil (I prefer a nice pen)
  16. Paper (if just a notebook for doodling)
  17. Headphones (we all love music for its inspirational and destressing effects)
  18. Quality knife (mostly for cooking, but survival in general)
  19. Lighter (for the boyscouts out there)
  20. Towel
  21. Keys… because they open doors (this could be very deep)
  22. Water bottle. For the go.
  23. Thermal (doubles as a mug/cup for hot liquids)
  24. Cooking pot (doubles as a bowl I guess)
  25. Hiking boots (comfortable/reliable footware)
  26. Weather-appropriate coat
  27. Medicine
  28. Nail Clipper (I can bare long hair, but something with seeing the world’s longest nails guy that freaked me out about being well groomed)
  29. Ductape
  30. Smartphone for basically everything else (charger + batteries)

~See Lemons Hug Things