[30 Day Challenge] 30 Favorite Routines

Random Observation/Comment #464: We’re creatures of ritual and routine.

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Why This List?

I think there’s a healthy level of discipline and comfort for something to become a routine activity. By a routine, I mean something that you can easily group together as an understood set of tasks to complete on a semi-regular basis. For example, if I told you I was going to do a lay-up in basketball, you already know that act involes the dribble, steps, jump, and release to get the ball in the basket. Similarly, these routines are grouped not by when I do them, but what I do automatically during them.  It may also overlap with my 15-minute activities, but I’ll add more detail on the purpose behind these routines.

  1. Write in my Daily Journal about the things I’ve learned
  2. Play table tennis at SPiN during happy hour
  3. Calling my parents to catch up
  4. Doing a morning crossword in the subway
  5. Using the bathroom on my awesome heated toilet seat bidet
  6. Filtering through my list of tasks for the day (Work Week #209)
  7. Filling/drinking my 1L stein of water at work
  8. #coffeechat coffee break with random coworkers
  9. Making a breakfast smoothie
  10. Cooking something easy to just relax and finely chopping an onion
  11. Doing dishes while listening to a song stuck in my head
  12. Listening to an audiobook of the month while playing “Sherlock” observing the people around me during my commute
  13. Mentally picking out my clothes for the week based on weather, meetings, and mood
  14. Visualizing myself through conversations I know I’ll have (explaining things a certain way)
  15. Meditating to clear my head of all negative thoughts
  16. Checking my phone for any breaking news updates
  17. Checking reddit to make sure I know all the new memes
  18. For a great smile/laugh, going through OhMyGif
  19. Grooming my calendar for the week
  20. Going through old phone photos from the past week to feel nostalgic
  21. Decompress by binge watching a show (recently Bob’s Burgers, Key & Peele, Stephen Colbert, Daily Show, or Last Week Tonight)
  22. Cuddling with Henry the cat because he’s so cute and awesome
  23. Jogging across the Brooklyn Bridge while the sunrises
  24. Drinking a glass of high quality whisky under a dim light while wearing a full suit, fedora, and smoking a cigar
  25. Writing Travel Advice and Lessons learned while in another country basically drinking, eating, and taking photos of everything
  26. Making the bed (or watching my gf make the bed)
  27. Folding dumplings which is quite enjoyable and comes with great conversation
  28. Driving to Pennsylvania on 222
  29. Taking a nap almost anywhere at any time
  30. Stalking people on facebook who have a birthday today to see if they’ve done anything fun and interesting lately (At least I’ll admit it)

~See Lemons Love Routines