[30 Day Challenge] 30 Favorite Foods

Random Observation/Comment #465: Chinese parents deemed “good children” by how much food they ate. I was exceptional when it came to eating.


Why This List?

This was almost as expected of a list as traveling for me. Since I already did 30 different foods I cooked in my 30 day cooking challenge, I figured that this would be a mix of foods I just love to eat and could never get sick of eating.  This is basically my food pyramid.

  1. Mashed potatoes with turkey gravy on Thanksgiving
  2. Turkey jook (first made by goomah and second made by Mom)
  3. Coagulated pork blood (especially in jook (congee), but also good with some greens)
  4. Lady M green tea crepe cake
  5. Sophie’s yellow rice, beans, and roast turkey drowning in green sauce
  6. Angel hair pasta with garlic, red pepper flakes, and clam sauce
  7. Shanghai Soup dumplings
  8. Salmon sushi
  9. Real ramen from Japan
  10. Onigiri from Japanese 7-11
  11. Thinly sliced beef for shabbu shabbu when dipped into raw egg + soy sauce + sha cha sauce
  12. Kobe beef sashimi – all day every day, but I’d be so poor
  13. Indian chicken curry on the bone over rice or with naan
  14. Chipotle burrito with half steak and half barbacoa drowned in green tabasco sauce
  15. Breadbowl chili (specifically during midday on the ski slope lodge)
  16. Clementines – I can probably eat a whole box
  17. Honey Bunches of Oats with silk almond milk
  18. Fresh nectarines when going nectarine picking
  19. Ziti pizza slices that I used to get all the time with Jake
  20. Mapo tofu with rice
  21. Steamed fish off the bone with the head with soy sauce and oil concotion mixed with rice
  22. Lasagna – I’m basically garfield with good metabolism
  23. Molten lava chocolate cake as a dessert filled with melting fudge (serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream)
  24. Raw oysters (although it’s hit and miss, when it hits, I’m so game)
  25. Chicken hearts izakaya skewers
  26. Choi yok bau – from when I was younger getting 3 for $1 in the flushing carts
  27. Eggplant Parm (made by my gf’s Mom)
  28. Breakfast burrito with sausage gravy in it
  29. Egg and cheese with mayo, lettuce, hot sauce from Nadal’s deli for breakfast while in Harlem
  30. Bacon… because it’s bacon (extra crispy, please)

~See Lemons Love Food Noms