[30 Day Challenge] 30 Personal Lifehacks

Random Observation/Comment #468: #lifehacking is not just a way to be productive, but a way to be creative with implementing what we already have.


Why This List?

I have tricks up my sleeves that I use almost every day to save time or save energy. Maybe you can use some of them to help you through your life.

  1. Wish your friends a happy birthday the day before it’s their birthday to better connect with them and catch up
  2. Figure out which routine is best for destressing (the activity makes you in a better mood afterwards)
  3. Figure out which routine is best for decoupling (removing yourself from work problems)
  4. Block off your personal calendar with reminders to call home
  5. Block off your professional calendar with uninterrupted time to do actual work
  6. Travel off season to save some money
  7. Meditate daily
  8. Don’t check your email when you first get to work – plan the major tasks you want to complete first
  9. Keep mental notes of other people’s interests and major news/events – send an email or bring it up in conversation next time if you find any related/relevant articles
  10. Learn how to cook at least 3 dishes for yourself and your significant other (morning eggs are a plus if you want to get brownie points)
  11. Go skiing during Christmas
  12. Consistently write postcards to your parents wherever you travel
  13. Learn to speak another language
  14. Send follow-up emails for all occasions: meeting with professionals, friends, and new acquaintances
  15. Never lie to cover up a lie – that’s just dangerous
  16. Pay more attention to what you eat: Garbage in = Garbage out
  17. Work out at least once every 3 days
  18. Learn to navigate the company (in terms of who you need to know to get things done)
  19. Look at the data you produce more carefully
  20. Optimize your routines (e.g. walk to the right spot on the platform and cut your nails faster)
  21. Find out what tasks can be delegated (There was a small sliver of time where I did my own laundry)
  22. If you’re leaving a manager’s office with a door after a meeting, ask them “Door open or closed?”
  23. When cooking a meal, always ask if there are dietary restrictions, preferences of meat/vege/base, and pairing alcohol just to sound like you know what you’re doing
  24. Whatever you do, always try to lead by example. Even if people don’t follow, at least you’re following your own advice
  25. Spend money on essential items you use/spend a lot of time with (e.g. glasses, smart phone, wallet, mattress, pillow, toilet, etc)
  26. Be a part of a healthy/active community – it will help with happiness and networking
  27. Listen to an audiobook during your commute
  28. When writing in your journal, ask yourself: What did I learn? What made me happy? Who should I thank?
  29. Set aside time to do nothing but day dream
  30. Write more often. It’s liberating.

~See Lemons #Lifehack