[30 Day Challenge] 30 Favorite Blogposts

Random Observation/Comment #470: I don’t think I have  goal for the number of blog posts I want to write in my life. I’m just always happily surprised that the number keeps increasing.

more haikus

Why This List?

My blog is a mess and I know it – I just have too much content.  in the thick of it, however, I probably can find 30 posts that I’ve written confidently and make me proud it came from my noggin.  These are probably not the best 30, but the ones I can think of right now.

  1. Epic 30 Day Challenge Reflections
  2. Why I love food and cooking
  3. Cooking advice for beginners
  4. How to Eat Weird Foods
  5. My Food Bucket List
  6. My Favorite Beer
  7. Travel Adventures – Getting Clemens’ed
  8. [Lessons Learned] Organizing a Corporate TEDx
  9. [Lessons Learned] Applying Agile Principles to Life
  10. [Lessons Learned] Managing Gen-Y and Millennials
  11. [Lessons Learned] Knowing your Career Drivers and Interests
  12. Common business jargon
  13. Career counseling part 1 and part 2
  14. More productive distraction: Crosswords
  15. Puzzles: Piecing it Together with Friends
  16. [Lessons Learned] Table Tennis Mentality
  17. Advice for Start-ups or Key Start Up Questions
  18. [30 Day Challenge] Haiku Every Day
  19. [Lessons Learned] Wedding Photography
  20. A Grandpa to All
  21. In Loving Memory of Goo Jerng
  22. In Loving Memory of Yea-Yea
  23. Pet Peeves and Relaxing Thoughts
  24. [Lessons Learned] Scuba Certified
  25. Before you Retire and Retirement Activities
  26. The Meaning of Life
  27. Eating Productively and Sleeping Productively
  28. Clemens’ List of Life Lessons
  29. Using Smartphones to be Productive
  30. “You’re Pretty Fucking Awesome. Keep that Shit Up.” ~A Passing Stranger

I’ll probably make a page just for my favorite blog posts categorized for future reference. Man, I love blogging. Bonus one: Preventing a Midlife Crisis

~See Lemons Keep Blogging