[30 Day Challenge] 30 Things to Teach my Future Kid

Random Observation/Comment #471: What’s even more scary than parenting is the fact that most parents have no idea what they’re doing.

nepal kid

Why This List?

My parents taught me quite a few things that I hope to teach my future kid. Hopefully they will just learn them without resisting and one day hating me because “I don’t understand them” or “I’m not as cool as I used to be.”  Did I mention kids scare me (but I’ll probably be a decent father)?

  1. Classy never goes out of style
  2. Clean up after your own messes
  3. Do a few crunches and push ups on a regular basis
  4. Wash your hands BEFORE you go to the bathroom
  5. Females will always be annoying at any age, so don’t worry too much
  6. It’s cool to be a geek
  7. Be dependable
  8. High School is not that big of a deal
  9. Enjoy not having any responsibility
  10. Learn how to study
  11. Learn how to make friends and keep them
  12. Keep a diary
  13. Keep an open mind
  14. Find what you want to do by exploring
  15. Play a musical instrument
  16. Sing, even if you’re tone deaf
  17. Learn to draw
  18. Learn a second language
  19. Never forget about passions
  20. Try everything and make your own unique opinion
  21. Build your own set of rules to live by
  22. Give back to the world what you have learned
  23. Drink socially, but not to get drunk
  24. Know your limit and never reach it
  25. Learn what a good drink entails
  26. Travel the world and accept different cultures
  27. Learn how to dance a few moves
  28. Learn how to cook
  29. Practice hand-eye coordination in a sport you won’t get too injured doing
  30. Love is real

~See Lemons Love Kids