[30 Day Challenge] 30 Wouldn’t it be cool if…

Random Observation/Comment #273: Give yourself 5 minutes a day to meditate (not think about anything) and day dream (think about all the things possible).  It’ll help you relax and put things into context.


Why This List?

I live in a reality that’s limited and constrained by laws, but my imagination knows no such limits. It can keep following thoughts and building an impossible universe…

Wouldn’t it be cool if…

  1. …we could each choose a super power when we turned 10-years-old
  2. …you can train yourself to be a Jedi
  3. …whatever we imagined came to reality in another world
  4. …religions would all just come together and agree
  5. …we were all a big entertainment hub for other aliens (Truman show for Earth)
  6. …we had the power to trade places with people every day
  7. …money didn’t exist and we went back to a bartering system
  8. …all drugs were legalized and distributed for one week out of the year
  9. …the 1% shared its wealth equally with the poor
  10. …all families had clean water, plumbing, and universal healthcare
  11. …we weren’t force-fed ads every 2 seconds
  12. …sports stars were paid minimum wage and still did it because they loved the sport
  13. …education was free and readily recognized
  14. …reddit upvotes were an economy
  15. …teachers/professors were paid more than administrators/consultants
  16. …government officials were all given the same amount of money (<100k) to run a campaign
  17. …government officials were not allowed to receive any form of money from companies (period)
  18. …lobbyists, as an actual job, didn’t exist
  19. …lawyers all unanimously turn down cases that are just wrong to defend
  20. …there was a standard way of dress like in star trek so people wouldn’t freak out about what to wear in the morning. Accessories are still fine.
  21. …conspiracy theorists were factually proven wrong/right and once wrong/right would just shut up.
  22. …people would stop being mean on the internet
  23. …everyone could easily tell if people are lying (maybe our noses grow or eyebrows glow red)
  24. …the meaning of life was engrained in our being all along
  25. …long-range teleportation was possible, affordable, and practical
  26. …AI exists and doesn’t become skynet and start killing all humans
  27. …time travel was less paradoxical and confusing
  28. …everyone was required to backpack for 1 year before starting a job (and your application process to your job would be a report of your lessons learned and findings)
  29. …we could talk to our pets and find out if they all have British accents
  30. …governments settled disputes with video games between leaders (hey… no more real deaths and people have fun on video games)

~See Lemons Be cool if…