[30 Day Challenge] 30 Most Attractive Traits

Random Observation/Comment #276: Sometimes you just need to play with the cards you’re dealt, but for all other things you can change with your attitude towards life and frequency of smiles – do that first.


Why This List?

Hot people have it easy, right? Well… yes. I think they do have a clear advantage, but unfortunately they’re also somehow stereotyped with lacking in some other form of attractiveness.  Well… good, they’re hot and got it made.  Anyway, let’s say beauty isn’t skin deep. There’s plenty of things that make people attractive and I’m glad the whole package out weighs each individual trait.

  1. Intelligence (Maybe just not ditzy about everything)
  2. Sense of humor (Preferably matches mine, but overall just finds the funny in life)
  3. Organized/Orderly (In general, but also in my similar neurotic ways)
  4. Family-oriented (Love your parents and your siblings. If they sucked, be the bigger person and forgive them)
  5. Honesty (Maybe not brutally, but I think it’s easier to have the cards on the table)
  6. Social (Able to hold her own at an event without clinging on)
  7. Creative (Able to apply and bring a vision to life)
  8. Cleanliness/Neatness (Washes and likes things clean)
  9. Considerate/Mindful (In general, just kind and giving to others)
  10. Financial independence (Maybe just lack of financial dependence. I think those are slightly different)
  11. Spontaneous (Not all the time, but always ready for the next adventure)
  12. Artistic (Being very engineer-y, I’ve always found some type of musical instrument or drawing/painting/sculpting expression very sexy)
  13. Adventurous (Explores new and exciting things)
  14. Flexible (Able to adjust to any roadblocks that may arise and easy-going)
  15. Loyal (Not obedience, but has my back when I need it)
  16. Faithful (Not to a religion, but at least to the concept of a monogamous relationship)
  17. Open-minded (Accepting of new ideas)
  18. Modesty (Maybe just not too boastful or proud)
  19. Self-Confidence (Strong when strong is needed)
  20. Self-Loving (I can’t love you, if you don’t love yourself)
  21. Optimism (Looks for the silver lining, accepts what’s inevitable, and focuses on the actions to make things better)
  22. Patience (good things take time and frustration never solves anything)
  23. Imperfections (Quirky in their own way)
  24. Love of children (something about a girl playing with kids makes me all warm and fuzzy inside)
  25. Love of games (for some reason I think it’s so cool to have a gamer gf)
  26. Love of food. You may not need to eat it, but as long as you don’t judge me for eating it. Actually, give me all that Uni and roe you don’t like. I can love food for the both of us.
  27. Appreciation of nice things, but doesn’t take it for granted
  28. Not bat-shit crazy
  29. Curly hair (because brownie points)
  30. … bewbs

~See Lemons Attracted to Her