[30 Day Challenge] 30 Favorite Words/Terms/Phrases

Random Observation/Comment #277: Words are powerful. They move hearts and dreams.

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Why This List?

There are just some words that are just so awesome that they exist to represent a certain feeling. Just to not have a full list of random words, I’ll include some phrases that may not be full quotes.

  1. Love. I wish I had the words to describe you.
  2. Faith. This isn’t necessarily religion – it’s the powerful extra mile.
  3. Dreams. It’s not just what happens when you sleep…
  4. Peace. It can apply to so many things.
  5. Travel. It’s just filled with so many memories and good feelings for me.
  6. Adventure. Is out there.
  7. Trust. It’s the simple words that are hard to explain.
  8. Friends. Maybe the 3rd word you learn after “love” and “hello” in any other language
  9. Yummy. It’s such a cute word.
  10. Grief. An emotion so hard to explain.
  11. Innocence. Pureness.
  12. Brand. Because it’s more than reputation.
  13. Productivity. Because sometimes it’s not just doing things.
  14. Wordlife…. Wordlife.
  15. Great scots!
  16. In other words… I like trying to explain things differently.
  17. Doch. I have no idea how to explain this
  18. Aiyaa! Best chinese saying.
  19. Itadakimasu! Food!
  20. Suuuuuugggeeeee. Only when Japanese people say it that way to mean awwweeessommmee.
  21. Jargon. I just like it sounds.
  22. Just keep swimming. Also a good quote.
  23. Low hanging fruit. Just because it’s maybe easier times ahead.
  24. Don’t drink the koolaid. I feel like everyone’s drinking it these days.
  25. Majide?
  26. Story. Everything can be a good story.
  27. Work hard and play harder
  28. Space… The final frontier. And even “Beam me up, Scotty”
  29. RTFM. /man -h –help
  30. Tweet. I just think it’s such a clever way to represent a message. Certainly cooler than “update status”

~See Lemons Love Words