[30 Day Challenge] 30 Favorite Start-up Ideas

Random Observation/Comment #280: Every few months, I see a start-up company release an idea that I immediately say “I thought of that 2 years ago!”  I wish they’d give me money for that.


Why This List?

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and start a company. It’d be awesome – we’d be our own bosses and work on a product where we’d be our main users. I can see it now… fame, tech parties, and geeky swag.  Well… someone’s probably already in that space and doing something cool with it.  Here are some you probably don’t know about it.

  1. Product Hunt. Best products voted every day.
  2. Betalist. Discover tomorrow’s product, today.
  3. Sand Hill Exchange. Fantasy trading start-ups.
  4. Medium. Everyone’s stories and ideas.
  5. Startup Digest. A personalized insider newsletter of all things start-up in your area.
  6. Angelist. Where investors meet start-ups.
  7. Gust. Connecting start-ups with investors.
  8. Swiftkey. A keyboard that learns from you. It’s been on Android for a while, but it’s so good to just mention. Brilliant AI.
  9. Spotify for Uber. Partnership to listen to your own music in your cabs.
  10. Weave. Tinder for professionals.
  11. Reddit. The frontpage of the internet. So awesome…
  12. Venmo. Sending money between friends.
  13. Cover. Uber’s paying experience with restaurants. (Dash is another one in this space)
  14. Charity:Water. Raising money for clean water.
  15. Quirky. Making invention accessible.
  16. Songza. Share-worthy moments daily.
  17. BlueApron. A better way to cook. I personally used this and loved cooking interesting recipes with it. Vegetarian options are sometimes better.
  18. RippleLabs. Making transacting in cryptocurrencies as easy as email.
  19. HowAboutWe. Fun way to go on Awesome dates.
  20. IFTTT. Put the internet to work for you. Recipes connecting channels.
  21. Kitchen Surfing. Same-day dinners.
  22. Word Lens. Translations on your camera.
  23. Task Rabbit. What do you need help with?
  24. Airbnb. Welcome Home. Rent unique places to stay from local hosts in 190+ countries.
  25. Dropbox. (and Cloud storage in general). It’s just making sharing for small business more convinent.
  26. Living Social. (Groupon and all online coupon sites). At least people will buy more massages and smaller deals now. I also love how it bridges the internet with real world activities.
  27. Palantir. As big data analysis goes, palantir is king and doing incredible things. I think they’re more notable in government and law enforcement at the moment.
  28. Houzz. The New Way to design your home. Create the home you’ve always wanted. Aggregates photos of home designs and provides professional advice.
  29. Automattic. The team behind wordpress. Thank you, wordpress.com!
  30. Yogoals. List it. Do it. Share it. A place where you can do amazing things and find others who do it too.

~See Lemons Love Start-ups