[30 Day Challenge] 30 Funniest moments

Random Observation/Comment #281:  Remember that time when that guy fell and he was okay … well I guess you had to be there.


Why This List?

These are funniest moments in my life that you probably won’t get because it won’t make any sense to you unless you were there with me when it happened. Interesting side note: Things are much funnier when other people were with you and you can actually make it an “inside joke” instead of just something you laughed at in your head.

That time when…

  1. Giraffe was a one syllable word.
  2. Bees?
  3. Guy in the green suit at the tour
  4. Killed all the birds in africa
  5. Turkey breeeeaaassstttt
  6. Where’s the action man?
  7. Make a schweeping left
  8. I know, but what are you doin’ HERE?
  9. Airbnb s&m host
  10. A sparkle is a unit of time
  11. Welp… Gotta die of something
  12. Scuba gestures “Stop Fucking around”
  13. Bill Nye the Science Guy singing
  14. You may think you’re a bear, but you don’t have the koalafications
  15. What do you expect if you feed me ruby foos?
  16. Be a man. Do the right thing.
  17. I’m Galstaff sorcerer of light
  18. “It’s not like I called your Mom a taxi and she just goes around picking fares 5 nights a week.”
  19. Trying to find Chris at a Japanese store with our mantra
  20. Poking fun of Jared
  21. Onesie and Wansie parties
  22. Why you so Lazy?
  23. I’ve got all the flavors
  24. Dunce cap in Ohio
  25. Purple bachelorette wine tasting
  26. You can be a part time model
  27. Dance off
  28. Nagute yaro ka? Kisamaaa
  29. Getting approached by white people Jehovas Witnessspeaking Mandarin
  30. Francesco Chinatown

As a side note, this list was the hardest for me to write because I don’t know if I remember funny moments as well as interesting or happy ones. For some reason, I think laughing just clears my brain and I can’t remember exactly what we laughed about, but it was definitely funny. In order to search through my brain to make this list, I had to think of groups of friends, places I’ve traveled to, and along side with happy moments.

~See Lemons Laugh