[List of 30] Holiday Gifts

Random Observation/Comment #488: Sometimes I have a funny bone in my body. It hurts when I bump it.


First and foremost, forget what you know about your significant other, family member, or friend and just generically bucket them into two or three of these types of people. Pick the 2nd one that represents them best (because the first means they already buy everything they want). From there, it’ll most likely be clear what you should get them as a present.

First Hint: If they’re hardcore something, get them anything but what they’re hardcore in (unless you asked them first and that’s exactly what they want). Imagine someone getting you the wrong smart phone. What a nightmare.

Second Hint: Accessories are always appreciated.

  1. The classy alcoholic – whiskey, whiskey glasses, orange bitters, and whiskey ice cubes
  2. The audiophile – tickets to a concert because it’s better live
  3. The one trying to get in shape – fitbit or something similar to track movement and get involved with a community of friends
  4. The one who buys everything for themselves already – a Starbucks gift card. This is something they will never buy, but secretly use all the time. I’m pretty sure they all drink coffee at some point.
  5. The yoga beginner – yoga pants, a roller for stretching, or a water bottle
  6. The karaoke singer – treat them out to dinner in Ktown and then ask “it’s still early, what do you want to do?”
  7. The couch potato – a list of awesome shows to watch or a new anime series and a google Chomecast
  8. The aspiring chef – a new cutting board or a peeler. Everyone likes cutting boards and needs peelers. Maybe an emulsifier. Also an allrecipes pro account.
  9. The aspiring eater – schedule a burger, ramen, pizza, or tacos food/restaurant tour
  10. The shutterbug – a 500px pro account or photoshop subscription
  11. The animal lover – something for their pet (like a new chew toy or pillow)
  12. The one with child – spa day or little onesies, socks, or hats. They’re so small and cute.
  13. The one birthed child – spa day or anything for the child
  14. The one watching the child birth – free day playing a sport
  15. The child – probably a shirt or a high five
  16. The amateur traveler – a universal power converter or a cool passport holder
  17. The suit – a stylish vest or a v-neck black sweater (can’t have enough of those)
  18. The sports fanatic – find out their favorite team and give them a jersey
  19. The one who works at a desk all day – a new work-mouse, ergobeads pad for the wrist, or a large medicine ball to sit on
  20. The fashionista – sweatpants or a onesie. Yep.
  21. The book club reader – buy them a Terry Pratchett book or an audible subscription
  22. The one who sometimes wears pants – a hiking trip or new underwear
  23. The coffee lover – French press or some cool green tea bags
  24. The hipster – they probably don’t celebrate gift giving, but colorful socks are probably on there
  25. The DIY king/queen – your personal lifestyle issue. Give them a need and they’ll build you a solution. Also, duct tape.
  26. The nerd (Star Wars kind) – a card with a drawing of the new light saber with the hilt and 2 Prepaid theater tickets
  27. The geek (Star Trek kind) – thinkgeek stuff. Got my brother the Spock cooking mitts
  28. The tech illiterate (parents) – a wireless mouse for your laptop users or a new monitor so they can be impressed by multiple screens
  29. The master of the universe – a cronut because they would never wait in line for that…
  30. The Gandhi – a hug and home made card with probably a funny photo

~See Lemons Happy Holidays!