Reflecting on 2014

Random Observation/Comment #490: I hope I’m aging like fine wine instead of milk. (I’ve probably taken this joke from that ventriloquist guy and used it multiple times).


In 2014, I:

  • Traveled to: Nepal (parahawking), Beijing, Vancouver/Whistler, Jamaica (showed up and bought tickets), Turkey/Istanbul (getting Clemens’d), hiked up some mountains, Norway (Oslo/Sweden), and Italy (Emilia-Romagna roadtrip).
  • Triumphantly: Made money on photography as a secondary wedding photographer and with interior photos, presented to Baruch HS students, made some money investing (stocks, bitcoin, dogecoin, and ripple), Got one of my photos printed and in a contest, organized a successful TEDx at Credit Suisse, Acted in an eLearning training as a manager, participated in a diversity panel, mentored JP Morgan toastmasters, became a TA advisor, went parahawking, had an awesome trip with my parents and goomah, and probably got #fat in a good way
  • Ate/Drank: Pokhara street food (that made me pretty sick), Momos!, Beijing street scorpions, Amazing oysters in Whistler, Jamaican conch soup, Turkish kebabs, Turkish street kumpirs, Deer hamburgers, juicy spicy lamb hotdogs, best pasta dishes ever getting #fat in Italy, 15 East uni slab
  • Read/Listened to: Me Talk Pretty One Day (David Sedaris), Exploring Diabetes with Owls (David Sedaris), Guy Noir and the Straight Skinny (Garrison Keillor), A Short History of Nearly Everything (Bill Bryson), Life on the Mississippi (Mark Twain), The Golden Compass (Philip Pullman), The Amber Spyglass (Philip Pullman), The Subtle Knife (Philip Pullman), Insurgent (Veronica Roth), Allegiant (Veronica Roth), Divergent (Veronica Roth), The Fault in Our Stars (John Green), Lots of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, All of Serial Podcast
  • Saw: Amy Schumer, Waiting for Godot, Startalk Live with Neil DeGrasse Tyson (x2), Kung Fu, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Book of Mormon, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me in BAM, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Avenue Q, John Oliver Last Week Tonight final showing
  • Completed: a jigsaw puzzle, presentation to HS students, 8 studio photography headshot sessions, 3 weddings, another 30 day cooking challenge, 30 lists of 30 challenge, 85 #haikueveryday, Started tripadvisor reviewing, Continued yelping (yelp elite 2014), physical crosswords during morning commute, Covered 40+ events for CS

2014 was another year of travel and unforgettable memories. I moved in with my gf and I guess in turn adopted her cat and became a cat lover (who’s still slightly allergic to cats). I feel closer to getting comfortable with this type of family and lifestyle. I will probably never stop exploring the world of mysteries and cultures, but I already sense my taste of “fun” and “cool” straying from nights out drinking until 4AM or crashing Brooklyn warehouse parties.  I think I rather stay in, watch a movie, try a new scotch, and go to sleep early. Also, what’s with stretching? Why is this a thing now? Getting old…

In 2015, I’m looking forward to:

  • Travels: The main 4 right now include a roadtrip across the US (driving through yellowstone park area), trip to Ireland with my Dad for Guinness, trip to Hong Kong for my sister’s wedding, and trip to Japan/Korea to piggy back off that HK trip.  I’m planning a few other things, but I haven’t found any bear trip prices yet. I probably also need to save time for an Indian wedding at some point.
  • Challenges: I will continue with my 30 under 30 list and focus more on my start-up next year. I’ll also continue writing lists of 30 and making more money on photos. Who knows? Maybe I’ll go full-frame. I’ll probably also come up with random things to do because I like random things.
  • Adolescent Career. I reach my 5-year marker next year and I think it’s kind of a big deal. I would have spent more time at work than from college and probably learned twice as much (also gotten twice as lazy). I’m learning much more about how the world works and doing my best to maneuver it without getting jaded.

My 30 under 30 is posted and I will be posting updates from there. Reviews of 20132012, 2011,2010, 2009, and 2008 are linked.  Also, more lists of 30.

~See Lemons Love 2014 and Look forward to 2015