[List of 30] Realistic Resolutions

Random Observation/Comment #492: Don’t set low expectations to not get disappointed – set realistic ones and stick to a plan.

crazy clemens

Based on no facts and research: the top new years resolutions usually involve getting more healthy, spending more time with family, meeting true love, or taking more awesome vacations. It’s what we all put as the top generic things we need to maintain in order to reach happiness.

Makes sense, but let’s be real. We’re going to buy those gym memberships, yoga class coupons, and new running shoes, and only use them for 3 weeks before giving up and spiraling into an eating depression.  How do you avoid this?  Set smaller incremental changes to make the bigger difference:

  1. Call your parents twice a week
  2. Eat a salad for lunch twice a week
  3. Cook dinner twice a week
  4. Be sober twice a week (this is hard for frequent happy hour goers)
  5. Do 50 jumping jacks and 30 push-ups before jumping into the shower
  6. Work out at least once every 3 or 4 days (Don’t forget to stretch!)
  7. Go to sleep before 11pm 4 times a week
  8. Tell a new joke you’ve heard once a week
  9. Have a #coffeechat with someone new once a week
  10. Send a message to a friend you haven’t spoken to in 3+ months once a week (maybe someone who liked one of your posts or has an upcoming birthday?)
  11. Read a new #getabstract summary once a week (takes 10 min max)
  12. Re-evaluate the status of your main responsibilities and deliverables once a week
  13. Re-evaluate your 3-5 month goals once a month
  14. Talk to your boss about your goals once every 3 months
  15. Attend a networking event twice a month (even if it’s just for 45 min)
  16. Don’t drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day
  17. Tell your significant other or best friend you love them once a week
  18. Eat less sweets during the week (maybe give yourself a treat if you worked out that day)
  19. Learn a new word in a language you know or want to learn twice a week
  20. Try an “offline day” once a month (put your phone on airplane mode for 18 hours)
  21. Fold a piece of origami once a month (could be a paper airplane or a little crane. It’s soothing, plus you probably got origami paper for Christmas/Chanukah)
  22. Do a crossword or some type of mental puzzle once a week
  23. Draw something (a doodle, stick figure, or whatever you want) once a month
  24. Make a list once a month
  25. Subscribe to fewer mailing lists!
  26. Plan a vacation once every 3 to 4 months
  27. Plan an activity (other than dinner or movies) with your significant other once a month
  28. Watch a TED talk once a week
  29. Write a blogpost or journal or reflection piece (published or private) once every 2 weeks
  30. Receive/give a hug at least once every 3 or 4 days

I more or less do this already, but this is a nice and easy start if you’re lacking in any of these categories. If you’re doing all of these already then, Good job! I think you’re relatively healthy and productive.  Stretch yourself and aim higher!

~See Lemons Resolved