[Career Advice] Figure Out Why

Random Observation/Comment #494: Inspired leaders think, act, and communicate from “why”.


  • What is your purpose, cause, and belief?
  • Why do you wake up?
  • Why should anyone care?

These questions aren’t meant to make you depressed (even though they often do), but instead to make you evaluate your speciality, skills, and objectives. This is your life long mission statement that you hope to uphold and share with those closest to you, so make sure it means something to you.  For me, I do it all to feel alive (all those emotions bottled up), stay connected (with those who care), and be useful (contributing my opinion and knowledge).

  • How do you advance forward?
  • What’s the strategy behind achieving your objectives?
  • What resources do you need to achieve your goals?

These foundational “How” questions lead you to building the right strategy and breaking down your bigger mission statement into life workstreams. As a writer or artist, maybe you want to share your stories and experiences, so you’d do so within a specific medium for 1) making your content and (more importantly) 2) connecting your content to your audience.

  • What actionable items do you do to get this done?
  • What can you breakdown into smaller tasks?
  • What do you do that doesn’t satisfy the Why and How?

Once you know the WHY and HOW behind everything, all you need to do is do it. The Direction is already set, so you know the work you do has meaning to you.  Now:

  1. Break down those objectives into actionable items
  2. Project manage your life by splitting these tasks up and setting milestones for yourself
  3. Re-evaluate your progress to make sure you’re on track to realistically reaching your goals

Everyone should be responsible for the vision and it’s important to start from the core outwards. Once you believe in the mission, the motivation and optimism behind it will always be there.

~See Lemons Because…

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