[List of 30] Value of Disconnecting

Random Observation/Comment #495: Give yourself time to be alone. We’re social creatures that need our space.



With the growth of our constant access to the internet, it’s not surprising that a lot of people are doing these “digital cleansing” phases.  During these times, we go offline, off the grid, disconnect, see people, do physical things and not worry about bragging about it to the world 5 seconds later.  Here’s the perfect example:

Why should you disconnect?

  1. You stop worrying about your image and branding
  2. You make meaningful connections outside of easy text messages and happy birthday posts
  3. You take effort to make a difference
  4. You don’t try to capture the moment in a timeline, but save it in your memory
  5. You keep your brain sharp by using it to store information
  6. You learn to listen better
  7. You focus better when you’re not constantly distracted
  8. You stop multi-switching and actually get one thing done instead of starting 10 things
  9. You get to know people better from the things they say
  10. You get some fresh air
  11. You experience from your own eyes
  12. You feel connected with eye contact instead of “likes”
  13. You smile from hugs instead of “retweets”
  14. You get to be alone with your thoughts
  15. You improve your posture by not curling over looking at your phone all the time
  16. You improve on your observation skills by looking around
  17. You increase your opportunities of being surprised
  18. You live by your own standards instead of by the ridiculously ideal ones set by others
  19. You don’t get caught into a spiral of procrastination and content consuming
  20. You learn to set longer term goals
  21. You don’t get drugged into instant gratification
  22. You learn to appreciate things that take time, patience, and hard work
  23. You stop becoming ADHD
  24. You pay attention more and therefore slow down time
  25. You stop feeding your ego
  26. You escape the societal ideals of self-worth and stop being self conscious that you’re not as good as someone else
  27. You appreciate experts when you see them (the internet is filled with lies)
  28. You embrace being absent so you can reflect internally
  29. You learn to dream your own dreams that are pure to yourself and void of outside judgment
  30. You start living

Sometimes, just forget your phone and appreciate being connected with those in front of you.

~See Lemons Disconnect