Post-TEDActive To Do List

Random Observation/Comment #505: I don’t think I’ve ever met a group of smarter, driven, and inspired people in my life. TEDsters are truly humble representatives of their communities, countries, universities, and corporations.


My brain is basically mush after this full week of watching 90+ TED talks and 20+ hours of inspirational beauty jam packed into 5 days. It was a non-stop flurry of learning, connecting, and growing with the amazing presence of the most proactive and truly giving people this world has to offer.

Well… now what? I believe the follow-up is just as (if not even more) important than the first impressions. We should give ourselves the actionable items that can bring that inspiration back to our communities and maintain those meaningful relationships.

  1. Write this blog post (tailor it to your own relevance)
  2. Prep a 30-second answer for “How was the conference?”
  3. Prep a 30-second answer for “What was your favorite talk?”
  4. Prep a 30-second answer for “Which speaker was the most inspiring?”
  5. Prep a 30-second answer for “Why is it better to attend in person?”
  6. Blog about the Meaningful Follow-up
  7. Add business cards collected to TEDConnect network
  8. Message TEDConnect network each personally
  9. Add those who reciprocate to social networks
  10. Joint blog post on the List of call to actions from TEDsters (ask TED people to help raise awareness to their main causes)
  11. Create list of 30 speeches/speakers I’d want to connect to
  12. Start 30 day challenge connecting with top 30 speakers (start ASAP)
  13. Blog posts on summarizing sessions
  14. Write summary debrief for work
  15. Review and download some meaningful photos that can be added to work debrief
  16. Contribute to the post TEDActive discussion
  17. Write special “backstage” summary for work – include the nuance of being in TEDActive vs just watching all of the talks
  18. Start a 30 day challenge to highlight the list of all Attendees and Speaker’s calls to action and help where I can (for April)
  19. Apply lessons learned and share with other organizers for TEDx internally
  20. Guest post from Vinessa – 3 things where failure led to success
  21. Blog post on TEDActive withdrawal (which I already feel)
  22. Co-authored guest post from Vinessa – Hits and misses from public speaking perspective
  23. Co-authored guest post from Vinessa – TEDConnect app review
  24. Blog post on Storyscorp and strategy
  25. Blog post on next steps with @apassingstrangr
  26. Blog post on creative TEDx themes
  27. Blog post on Innovation Alley (TEDx Unconference)
  28. Blog post on Growing High-end Partnerships (TEDx Unconference)
  29. Show support for another TEDx, either attending a local event or promoting another city
  30. Convince work to pay for me to attend TEDActive 2016 (Please?)

~See Lemons Post TEDActive