[List of 30] Cheat-day Meals Post Wedding

Random Observation/Comment #518: Being on a wedding diet makes the cheat day so much better.

dicarlo eggplant parm

My fiance and I love making lists together in our free time (because we’re weird and awesome). This joint list of foods we want to indulge made excellent conversation while hung over in the subway. For those who also love eating food in NYC, this is a pretty awesome list.

  1. Katz’s Deli pastrami sandwich
  2. Jacques Torres wicked frozen hot chocolate
  3. Shake Shack Bacon cheeseburger with French fries and a milkshake
  4. Murray’s Bagels Bagel with cream cheese and lox
  5. Any Craft Beer tasting (even though Clemens never cut this out his diet)
  6. Breslin Eggs Benedict (any brunch item with hollandaise sauce can go here) and bottomless mimosas
  7. Grimaldi’s pepperoni pizza
  8. Tom’s Fried Chicken and waffles
  9. Meatball Shop mashed potato buffet (with Meatballs)
  10. Wafels and Dinges Belgium waffles
  11. Fortune House Chinese takeout (hot and sour soups)
  12. Any Indian lunch buffet on Curry Hill (Lex and 28th area) with mango lassi
  13. Ippudo Ramen set-o!
  14. Mrs DiCarlo’s Eggplant parm
  15. Flushing Dim sum for all the dim sum
  16. Brandy Library flight tasting of whiskey
  17. Apple pie with whip cream and French Vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate
  18. Dinosaur BBQ Ribs… Mmm ribs
  19. Cheese Grille Grilled cheese with baked chips
  20. Brownies and chocolate chip cookies (oatmeal raisin for Clemens)
  21. S’mac Mac and cheese
  22. American Cut rare steak with bone marrow, creamed spinach, and Caesar salad (which Clemens thought was healthy until his fiance pointed out the ingredients)
  23. Ginger ale or cherry coke (soda in general)
  24. Bodega (I miss you Nadal’s) Bacon, egg, and cheese on any form of non 7-grain bread (I’d put it on a croissant)
  25. Junior’s Restaurant strawberry cheesecake
  26. Lady M green tea crepe cake
  27. Bottomless tour of smorgasburg
  28. Henry Street Ale House chicken pot pie
  29. Sophie’s roast turkey and gravy over rice and beans
  30. Mandycakes chocolate ganache and caramel torte

I suspect we won’t be completely undoing all the healthy eating in one fell swoop of deliciousness. These will probably be stretched out over the course of a few months in a cute date night fashion. Perhaps we’ll invite our friends, if they can deal with the whole lovey-dovey honeymoon period.

What we’ve learned from this wedding diet was a mindfulness towards what we put into our bodies. Garbage in = Garbage out. We appreciate the cheat days and hope to be healthier people to live longer lives and make more lasting memories.

~See Lemons Nom Nom Nom