[List of 30] The Little Things

Random Observation/Comment #521: Enjoy the little things – the details are what make life unique.

Taken by: B.A. VanSise Courtesy of The LilyPad Agency (http://thelilypadagency.com/)

Taken by: B.A. VanSise
Courtesy of The LilyPad Agency (http://thelilypadagency.com/)


Happiness comes in little doses. If you see it, stop whatever you’re doing and commit it to memory. Store it in that happiness cache and bring it up whenever you need it.

  1. A genuinely selfless deed
  2. A hug that lasts a little bit longer
  3. A look from your fiance that you know means she/he loves you
  4. A random high five
  5. A clever quip or pun (I see what you did there)
  6. A nod of understanding from students
  7. An obscure reference you understand online
  8. A father teaching his son how to read
  9. A son swelling his father with pride
  10. An amazing set of table tennis rallies
  11. A compiled piece of code with no errors
  12. An old song comes on and you know all the lyrics somehow
  13. A long inhale of fresh air when out in nature
  14. A smell of a home-cooked thanksgiving dinner
  15. A message from an old friend
  16. Anything handwritten addressed to me that’s not solicitation
  17. A sense of appreciation of your work from a complete stranger
  18. A toast between friends to celebrate the special moments
  19. A look of sedated happiness from friends who ate your home cooked meal
  20. A smell of the ocean and heat of the beach
  21. A soft purr and nuzzle from your favorite pet
  22. A surprise gesture of friendship
  23. A feeling of exhaustion after pushing yourself further on a workout
  24. A shared inside joke said just at the right time
  25. A really good laugh about seemingly nothing at all
  26. A feeling of productivity by 5pm
  27. A playful squeeze while holding hands and walking in the park
  28. A helping hand that relieves stress and burden
  29. A helping ear that heard your final complaint about work and doesn’t think differently of you
  30. A glance at your fiance sleeping in the morning

The interesting thing about this list is that most of it has almost nothing to do with personal accomplishments and everything to do with other people’s appreciation and observing such a bond forming. Maybe that’s the meaning of life – fortifying bonds to bring us all closer together in harmony.

~See Lemons Love the Little Things