[List of 30] TEDx Blogpost ideas

Random Observation/Comment #525: #collaborativecreation is how we get things done.


TEDxBushwick 2016 is in full steam and we’re always brainstorming new ideas to get more people involved. Blogging in any of the social media platforms is an easy way to reach out to more people and get more conversations started.

For those TEDx organizers looking for different blog post ideas, here’s what we’ve been aiming to do:

  1. Humans of <location> or some consistent hashtag or branding style where you cover regular questions in a short story + photo format
  2. Previous speakers post TEDx experience
  3. Previous speaker ideas and overviews of their talks
  4. Previous speaker follow up on their causes and actions
  5. How to prepare a TED talk
  6. TED talk highlights or reposts of items matching themes
  7. TEDx highlights and partnerships around the area
  8. Speaker coaching tips
  9. Partnership with other groups highlights
  10. Art exhibit time lapse
  11. Artists backgrounds and stories
  12. Activities favorites in the area
  13. Interesting community give back programs
  14. Themed days like #philanthropyfriday to highlight a local movement
  15. New speaker profiles
  16. Speaker interviews to create buzz
  17. Sponsor highlights
  18. Podcast discussions
  19. Fashion in <location>
  20. Great eats in the area – Timeout <location>
  21. 10 causes to get involved with in <location>
  22. Timeline of upcoming events (including partner events as well)
  23. Organizer guest posts
  24. Organizer highlights and interviews
  25. Music in <location> – Beats of <location>
  26. Related news to upcoming talks
  27. Innovators of <location> – project descriptions and links
  28. Famous people from <location>
  29. What is <location> culture?
  30. Why is <location > home?

~See Lemons Help Blog TEDx