[Travel Advice] Bermuda (in Jan)

Random Observation/Comment #539: Traveling during off season is risky, but certainly rewarding when you want some quiet and great deals.

bermuda beaches

January temperatures are usually in the upper 50s in Bermuda, so bring warm layers because the damp code does, “chill ya to da bone.” Luckily, due to our freakishly warm winter, we scored some sunny days in the 70s and even needed suntan lotion. Overall, it was a perfect MiniMoon long weekend! We got to enjoy Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa all to ourselves and splurge on restaurant week (see below).

Things Bermuda Does Well

  • The friendliest of cab drivers – When we got Steven (T1000) the second time, he made the best point about taxis: “We are the first and last impression from your vacation, so we take pride in being knowledgeable, making suggestions, and taking feedback.” (paraphrasing) Most of our interesting tidbits are from him.
  • Very clean and safe – We walked off the resort and took the public buses to Hamilton and Dockyard. At no time did we feel unsafe or uncomfortable. In fact, most folks were just as friendly and almost as knowledgeable as the taxi drivers. There is a true Bermuda pride.
  • No food franchises (Except KFC) – supposedly there’s some legislation where that prevents Starbucks, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, chain establishments allowed. Support your local mom and pop shops.
  • Beautiful architecture – all the buildings are made of concrete blocks and have a traditional, “stepped” white roof that are designed to collect rain water. They often paint homes in fun, pastel colors. Most houses are well kept. Did we mention Bermuda pride earlier?
  • “You can’t get lost in Bermuda” – there’s only 3 or 4 main roads and frequent buses that run either pink or blue
  • Solid local drinks – we’ve done the research. They’re solid. The rum swizzles and dark ‘n stormys are freaking great. Just drinking ginger beer by itself is also yummy (we bought a 12-pack back home). Another boozy delight was the Fairmont Old Fashioned at The Waterlot Inn, a local twist on a personal favorite.
  • Amazingly fresh seafood – Must try is the fish chowder with rum and sherry pepper. Also recommend ordering fish entrees and trying the bermuda lobster.

Things Bermuda Can Improve

  • Expensive prices – everything is imported, so it’ll cost you. Taxis from the airport are around $70 from airport to Cambridge Beaches.
  • One road and one city – the core tourist attractions are in one area, so big events like the marathon reroute most traffic. If you want to go dinner, you’re also basically at the mercy of the high priced taxis (which add at a low $25 each way).

Interesting Things to Know

  • Uses standard two-prong 100V US power adapter
  • Don’t exchange USD! 1 usd = 1 bermuda dollar and everyone uses Credit card except taxis (bring at least $260 cash for taxis)
  • Buy alcohol when you go past customs into duty-free
  • 147 churches and 44 denominations – very interesting architecture
  • A Bermudian accent is a mix of laid back British and Canadian
  • Some driving rules
    • The entire island has a 35km/h speed limit
    • Drivers use their horns to say ‘hi’
    • One car per household
    • British colony, so they drive on the left

Our itinerary


  • Flew in by 11
  • Took a $70 taxi to Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa (Very thorough check-in process over a dark ‘n stormy)

bermuda cambridge beaches

  • Took bus to city of Hamilton
  • Late lunch at the Lobster Pot – rum swizzles and lobster

bermuda lobsterpot

  • Walk around Front Street for random exploration
  • Take ferry back to Dockyard

bermuda ferry

  • Take bus back to Cambridge beaches


  • Ditched our Dockyard plans to to indulge in some unexpected great weather
  • Hung out by the resort’s beach

bermuda cambridge chilling

  • Waterlot Inn restaurant week

bermuda waterlot drinks


  • Spa day
  • More time by the beach
  • Tamarisk for dinner. Definitely get the cod.

bermuda flaming flambe


  • Final breakfast at the Cambridge Beaches

bermuda cambridge breakfast

  • Headed home

bermuda airplane

Other Suggestions (we’ll certainly see next time)

  • Water Sports, especially snorkeling and diving
  • Dock Yards
  • Fort Scaur – railroad trail by Cambridge Beaches
  • Horse shoe Bay most popular beach
  • Henry VIIIth
  • Reefs Hotel
  • Fourways Inn

~See Lemons and Nessa Love Bermuda