Spin Table Tennis Feeling

Random Observation/Comment #543: Being a local to me means being in a loving community.

the tt crew

The TT Addicts gathered at the usual happy hour Friday night for some competitive exercise and $4 beers. Harpoon IPAs, Radeburgers, Heffeweisens, Heineken lights, and beer with Sprite flowed generously for hours. Our drink preferences were acknowledged with eye contact, a head nod, and a huge smile. Chit chat with the bartenders and waitresses livened the atmosphere while trash talk about the upcoming TT matches were snuck in there whenever possible.

It was around beer 3 when we all felt that same feeling that can only be embodied by the love of the game, the love of the establishment, and the love of our friends. Five years of seeing Spin change from the casual orange and teal to the sleek gold and black. Five years of secret TT training to get the perfect backhand banana flip. Five years of growing closer to the awesome staff, coaches, and regulars. We have truly found our Cheers.

Table tennis is the perfect mix of mental analysis, personal development, physical exercise, and socialization (and alcohol). I am addicted and it is truly a part of my life – so much so that I even added it to my vows. However, the love of the sport is not the only reason I keep returning specifically to Spin. I go for the activity… I stay because of the family.

Remember: If you want to go far, Go Together. 

Also: It’s better to do it together than it is to do it alone.

~See Lemons Love Spin