30 things learned from Clemens

Random Observation/Comment #557: Do we want to be famous or just heard?

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Why this list?

The highest level of compliment I have ever received came from my coworker, Harrison, who wrote a list of 30 things I taught him. He is a gentleman and a scholar, and I’ve never been more flattered.

  1. List of 30 Template
  2. What it means to have cash on ledger
  3. Setting periodic deadlines instill discipline
  4. Certain people are clowns
  5. Existence of Spin
  6. Importance of Extended Travel
  7. Writing is for informing or reflection
  8. Being deliberate is prudent
  9. How to hold a Ping Pong Paddle
  10. LRC Cost Frameworks
  11. Cool Powerpoint Graphics
  12. Suspenders are still a thing
  13. Drinking water out of a stine
  14. Action is often better than inaction
  15. Follow What’s Interesting
  16. Seek Mentors
  17. Categorize People I care about into groups
  18. Making Friends with Bartenders
  19. Immerse in subcultures
  20. Getting upset is wasted energy
  21. Accept finality of relationships
  22. Take more trips to Brooklyn
  23. Define your own role at work
  24. Do things on your own terms
  25. Don’t take life too seriously
  26. Small improvements are still improvements
  27. The journey of ten thousand miles begins with one step
  28. Embrace challenges
  29. Smile more than you scowl
  30. What it means to feel like Clemens

~See Lemons Flattered