Finding the Right Candidate

Random Observation/Comment #574: Believe in the team. If we wanted to pivot to any other technology, I’d bet that we’d likely see the same success.

Through a recent slew of conducting interviews, I’ve learned a lot more about my own standards of capability, drive, and trust. Mainly – my standards are pretty damn high. In each of the sections, I’ve thought of a series of tests meant to be answered in story format that can help me better understand the candidate.


While I don’t need a blockchain extraordinare, I do need someone who cares enough to spend a weekend doing their research and knowing the competitive space. I also firmly believe in transferable skills from previous life experiences.

  • Test 1- Current Events – What broader opinions have you formed about the industry based on your expertise?
  • Test 2- Presentation of known material – How clear are you at expressing your ideas? Do you use diagrams and visuals appropriately?
  • Test 3 – Applying your subject matter expertise to the core technology – What examples of projects would you want to lead and what role would you want to play in them? What previous skills can you apply to this position?


I have nothing against a 9-to-5 work hour – you do not need 80-hour weeks to be productive and add value to your company. I do specifically dislike the 9-to-5 mentality. I have not unplugged myself from this marketplace for years and I hope candidates feel the same fervor for learning and staying relevant to a rapidly changing space. At the moment, there is also less people and portfolio management, and more community building and project delivery.

  • Test 4 – History – How did you approach learning about this topic? What have you done in this space already?
  • Test 5 – Passion – What were you previously passionate about? What are you still researching and tying into current work?
  • Test 6 – Fit – Why do you want to work with us? What specifically about our organization makes it interesting? Why not a competitor in the same industry?


This is hard to test, but more of a gut feeling of the first two attributes. Trust has to do with execution of the capabilities and drive. It has to do with responsibilities and team fit. A lot of it is whether or not the candidate is interesting and has a personality to face our clients and our teammates.

  • Test 7 – Productivity – What productivity tips do you use daily? How do you prioritize tasks? How do you encourage operational efficiency?
  • Test 8 – Community – Which communities are you involved with and how do you contribute your strengths?
  • Test 9 – Free time – What is your most used phone app? What website do you visit third most and why?


The final test (Test 10) is really what questions you ask me. There should be hundreds. Those who ask for help and are curious about the industry dig up interesting points from an outsider’s perspective.

Who do I hire?

I’ve realized that I look for independent and creative thinkers that are passionate about the subject and not just moving for more opportunity. I pitch the hard parts about the job because I want people to reflect if they can take the move from corporate to a competitive start up space. We’re a community of autonomous leaders that are united in the mission and vision of our company. Contribute. Join us.

~See Lemons Keep Searching