Pregnancy Press Release

Random Observation/Comment #578: “Sometimes the thing that’s most expected can be the most wonderful surprise” ~vnessawithaneye

It’s official. I’m gonna be a Daddy! Yay! Well, some of you likely knew since it’s kind of a big change…

If you know anything about me, you know I like to be thorough and do my research. In the past few months, I’ve been writing a lot of interesting lists and planning way farther ahead than anyone should. It’s been a journey of reading a lot of advice and writing some of my own, but the piece of advice it boils down to is “be yourself and be kind. It will work out because babies are resilient.”

For me, one of the most interesting parts about expecting to be a parent is in the wonder:

  • What is she going to be like?
  • How will we be as parents?
  • How bad will my Dad jokes be?
  • (There’s already a list of 30 stewing for this)

To celebrate this new chapter of my life, I’ve added a new tag for “parenting.” While I’ll try not to overwhelm social media with baby photos, I’ll save blogposts for refined ideas on my lessons learned through this new chapter – nay – journey – nay – saga – that is about to devour my time and energy (but in a good way!). We’ve never been more excited and grateful for a beautiful opportunity.

More lists to come, but this one is about the press release photo.


  • Picture of sonogram
  • Baby Clothes or Baby booties
  • Use pets
  • Chalk boards
  • Use holidays
  • Grandma/grandpa cups
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Video
  • Music of heartbeat (this one was over-ruled)


  • “We’re expecting”
  • “Mom and Dad are getting me a daughter” ~Henry
  • “I’m gonna be a big brother” ~Henry
  • “This new sister better not take any of my food…” ~Henry
  • Date display of relationship milestones (bf gf, fiance fiancee, husband wife, daddy mommy)
  • Bun in the oven

Super Simple Photo Editing

There’s tons of easy-to-use software out there with tutorials, but if you want the most basic thing, just import your photo to Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides and just overlay text. If you want to save it as a photo (and I’m guessing you’re not printing this on a poster board), you can just use your screenshot tool (snipping tool) to capture it as a PNG.

Close 2nd & 3rd options:

The whole lot because Henry is awesome:

~See Lemons Soon to be a Daddy