[Baby Advice] 30 Blogposts

Random Observation/Comment #582: As an expecting parent: I’m not looking at your baby, I’m just checking out what stroller you rockin’

Why this List?

I was going to call this “baby crazy”, but we all know the “c-word” is not good to put in writing for your wife to read.

I’ve always written very deliberately, and as I was doing research for becoming a father, I used writing to digest and reorganize the influx of information. It’s my processing and de-fragmentation methodology, so it makes sense to break down my research process in list form. As always, the writing of your own lists are more important than the output!

Here are 30 upcoming blogposts I’ve been writing while the wife has been making a foot.

  1. Pregnancy Monthly checklist
  2. Pregnancy Monthly expectations
  3. The pregnancy diet
  4. Immediate changes
  5. 30 questions to ask your doctor
  6. 30 gift basket items for Mom-to-be
  7. 30 must-reads (books, articles, and podcasts)
  8. Patience and Empathy
  9. 30 budgets for your 30’s
  10. 30 things for baby registry
  11. 30 more things for baby registry
  12. Useful ways to save money
  13. 30 things to do to your apartment
  14. Nesting Tendencies – Real Decluttering
  15. Baby names
  16. Daddy responsibilities
  17. Pregnancy Routines
  18. Target State daughter
  19. 30 things to Prepare
  20. Pre-parent bucket list
  21. Enforcing Sleep Hygiene
  22. 30 TMI things
  23. 30 things learned from classes
  24. 30 things in a birth bag
  25. Birth Plans
  26. Push Present Ideas
  27. Birth press release
  28. Sweet Child of Mine
  29. Post Pregnancy Care
  30. Paternity Leave – Work-Life Balance

(And likely, How to Live on 2 hours of Sleep)

~See Lemons Prep for Baby Wan