[Baby Advice] Pregnancy Monthly Checklist

Random Observation/Comment #583: Fathers can also nest.

When we were prepping for our wedding, there was a fairly detailed checklist of things to do. I think there were some in these baby books, but I decided to make my own.

Most of my subsequent blog posts will be about these activities.

First trimester – 1-13 weeks

Month 1

  • Don’t freak out / celebrations
  • Change of diet – Man, we drink a lot
  • Change of chores
  • General research
  • Bare minimum reading (maybe just my blogposts)
  • Doctor appointments

Month 2

  • Buy some stuff – Mommy needs things
  • Bodily changes to expect – also my sympathy bump
  • Sex and pregnancy

Month 3

  • Plan a baby moon – you can fly up until third trimester
  • Baby registry research (buyers guide in what to expect on first year)
  • Daycare planning – yes, you need to do it this early
  • Clothes – hers and her baby’s
  • Telling your work

Second trimester – 14-27 weeks

Month 4

  • Pregnancy press release
  • Financials and budget – don’t freak out
  • Plan for living space – baby’s don’t move a lot the first 6 months

Month 5

  • Changes to apartment – Throw out half your stuff
  • Doulas?
  • Baby names

Month 6

  • Study the phases of labor – these are pretty cool
  • Plan baby classes
  • Birthplan for B-day
  • Baby shower

Third trimester – 28-40 weeks

Month 7

  • Continued prepping
  • Read what to expect on your first year
  • Take a tour of the birthing center
  • Parenting style discussion

Month 8

  • Baby birth bag prep
  • More Prepping as a father
  • More prepping of the apartment – organizing stuff and settling in

Month 9

  • Push present
  • Reread labor chapter
  • Learn to cook in half the time
  • Print and see milestone development

Month 10 – post partum

  • Be aware of PPD – hormonal shifts and depression is real (so I hear)
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Stock the fridge with stuff that can be made quickly
  • Baby Press release – printed announcement

~See Lemons Check