Daddy’s Pregnancy Diet

Random Observation/Comment #584: What’s more interesting to me is the daddy’s pregnancy diet. I say that the wife is eating for two while I’m drinking for three.

For the expecting Dad, you should know that there are really important health reasons for the dietary restrictions for pregnant women. These can be googled pretty easily, so I’ll let people do that separately.

More Like All-Day Sickness

Most of us have heard of morning sickness, but it’s more like constant nausea. My wife could barely get out of bed and only stomach saltines and diluted ginger beer for most of her first trimester. Keeping up with my drinking for 3, I bought rum and enjoyed a lot of dark and stormies. Paired with the nausea is super strength sense of smell with food aversions. I remember making these vegetable dumplings dipped with red vinegar. I boiled cinnamon and lemon for an hour to get rid of the odor.

Dad Tip: Even with foods she liked before, avoid cooking and eating anything with strong smells.

Dad Tip 2: Stock up on saltines, ginger beer, preggy pops, fresh herbs, lemon, gatorade, coconut water, and mother-to-be tea. She can also cut up the lemon and mints in containers to smell.

Private Snacking

Do not brag about the best sushi ever while your wife is pregnant. More importantly, do not eat the best sushi you’ve ever had in front of your wife. In fact, don’t even walk near sushi place!  She’s having to give up some of her favorite foods and alcohol for nearly a year. Be considerate. No one likes to hear about what happened at the party just after they left. Keep the sushi runs with your friends (much like my strategy for tomatoes, corn, and steamed fish with heads).

Drinking Events

If you live in NYC like me, you know that almost every activity involves alcohol. These events also tend to occur after work and last until pretty late. Since your partner will be tired and can’t drink, she will likely not be in the mood to join. The first trimester is also particularly sensitive because you have to make up all these excuses for not drinking without revealing anything.If you’ve ever been the only sober person at a party or bar, you know it’s not as much fun. Bars can be loud and crowded with long bathroom lines.

Brunch is a better option as it is more casual and comfortable for seating. Day drinking on weekends and mixed plans are a lot more fun.  Plus, there is bacon! She also liked cocktail bars. They tend to have good seating and not be as loud. We also met bartenders that appreciated the challenge of making a unique mocktail.

Cookie Crisps a la Mode

Ice cream and pickles…Not all pregnant women have these cravings or any for that matter. If and when her first trimester nausea goes away, expect hunger to kick in. In addition to stocking up on healthy snacks, having some comfort food on hand is always a good idea. To not make her feel as bad, but maybe use this time and work on your dad bod while bonding over a tub of ice cream.

Restaurant Life

Explore different places to eat while you can. Check the menu in advance to make sure there are sufficient food options for her. Not only do you get to go on food adventures together, but you get to bond with the date nights. Make a bucket list of places you’d like to eat and surprise each other.

~See Lemons on a Daddy Diet and Vnessa with an Eye for Sushi