The Giver

Random Observation/Comment #593: “It takes so little to be a great dad, and so little to be a bad mom.”

Being a dad is fun. I play with her. I feed her a bottle. I give her a bath. I sing her a lullaby. I read her a book. I take a few selfies. I hold her as she drifts off to sleep. Maybe 1.5 hours of my day.

Being a mom has sprinkles of fun, but it’s a full-time job. It’s the rest of the day that takes the toll. The multitasking is tremendous and she probably feels chained to the apartment, the baby, and breast pump machine. At least the dad gets to go to work and socialize with people to talk about things other than babies (although, what else is there to talk about these days?).

There’s no real way for me to fully empathize here, but I do relate this with the woes of focusing too hard on a single project. It’s the pressure for success and the case of over analysis, perfection, and micromanagement when sometimes all it needs is time. There needs to be a distraction and resemblance of a real life. I sympathize with this and want to help. I can make suggestions on how to split up 15-minute activities on how to be productive, but it sounds like you just need a break.

One day out of the year does not give enough credit to all the moms out there who give their everything. I’m so thankful for the in-betweens and the non-instagram moments.

I appreciate all that you do, Vinessa. You’re an awesome mom and an awesome wife. Thank you.

~See Lemons Love Vinessa