30 Work Culture Activities

Random Observation/Comment #599: Don’t just do what you love – work with cool people to do what you love.

Why this list?

What does it mean to love where you work? Is it just the people? The attitude? The free coffee? The bonding?

I’ve been on an incredible journey of joining r3 when it was a 20-person start up with a “Heads down, GSD (Get S#!T Done)” mentality, and growing to a 180+ global company within 2 years. The company is now driven with so much more than just a shared vision and mission – there’s trust, friendship, and true human capital.

Almost everything on this list is something our company has executed internally to build culture and an incredible work environment. Many thanks to Trixze for helping implement and make this my second home.

  1. Bar3 / blockchain beers – Recurring weekly internal and client-invited happy hour from 4:30-7pm to bond with coworkers and invite friends
  2. Company-wide Townhalls and stand-ups – Keep the whole company updated on our progress and mission
  3. Regional holiday parties – Of course!
  4. Open travel opportunities for client meetings or conferences
  5. Open slack channels around hobbies and group interests – #photography and #healthy-cooking are my new favorites
  6. Empowering individuals to create new initiatives like podcasts and videos
  7. Swag – Stickers, lab coats, t-shirts
  8. Team outings and team building exercises
  9. Mentorship programs
  10. New employee on-boarding activities and checklists
  11. Empowering individuals to teach and learn random hobbies or interests from colleagues (Yay photography course)
  12. Group 5k and marathon races
  13. Group charity events
  14. External facing meetups – join us for CordaCon in Tokyo! – https://www.corda.net/meetups/ 
  15. External newsletter highlighting employees and department achievements
  16. Internal newsletter highlighting office activities and events
  17. Monthly birthday and birthday cards
  18. Weekly work anniversary recognition
  19. Holiday bbq and get togethers outside of work
  20. Blockchain brainstorming recurring meetings and thought leadership
  21. Podcasts and recorded trainings
  22. Skunkworks groups on projects intersecting with different technologies like Google cardboard VR
  23. Poker night / Game night
  24. Contests for winning new office equipment like standing desks
  25. Movie night
  26. Speaker series – internal and external
  27. Sunday ingredients or theme based cooking challenge / Monday lunch taste testing
  28. Intraday trivia tests with awards at the end of day
  29. Naming competitions – for new office conference rooms, new projects, and new product offerings
  30. Corda-themed cakes and pastries (although you may need to travel to the London office for the authentic bakes)

~See Lemons Love Working at R3