Leaving a Legacy

Random Observation/Comment #600: Daddy-daughter songs are sometimes creepy, but I totally get it.

Being a parent really changes everything. My daily routine is completely different. My priorities have definitely shifted. Plus, my life philosophies and musings tend to be less about checking off a list and more about building a foundation.

I sing these words every night:

Someday we’ll all be gone,
but lullabies go on and on
They never die,
that’s how you and I will be.

Where are we known?

  • In artwork?
  • In writings and blogposts?
  • In epic stories / legends?
  • In skyscrapers?
  • In policies?
  • In history books?
  • In recognized achievements?
  • In notebooks filled with drawings?
  • In trust funds?
  • In a surname?

Who were we known as?

  • As authors?
  • As composers?
  • As lovers?
  • As dreamers?
  • As explorers?
  • As entrepreneurs?
  • As inventors?
  • As parents?
  • As family?
  • As friends?

How were we immortalized?

  • Engraved in buildings?
  • Read about in history books?
  • Recorded in TV series?
  • Sang by drunk people at karaoke bars?
  • Played by teams around the world?
  • Worn by millions?
  • Embedded as a component in a software used daily by billions?
  • Recipes feeding our future grandchildren?
  • Lost posts on a website?

There are scenarios I play in my head where my daughter finds this blogpost and swells with pride and respect. Maybe she’ll do a book report on it or it’ll inspire her to start her own way of thinking… I’m hoping to leave a trail of breadcrumbs.

I guess everything I do is to solidify that one moment. And hopefully this seed will grow into a tree for another generation.

~See Lemons Leave a Legacy