30 Conversation Topics with Babies

Random Observation/Comment #602: I’m pretty sure she said “Daa Daa” to me first. I’m pretty sure this is a game I don’t want to win.

Why this List

It’s never too early to start talking with your baby. This helps with voice recognition and pattern recognition for inflections and intonations. I’ve been talking with Evie since she was still in the womb, and now I just love telling her about my day.

To build a routine, we try to avoid exclusively speaking TO the baby. Instead, we try to have regular conversations where we’re speaking WITH our baby. Here are a few ideas of different topics you can walk through.

  1. Greetings: Good morning! How are you?
  2. Activities: Let’s take a bath! We’re going to see some friends
  3. Compliments: You did a great job! Yay!
  4. Routines: Time to go to school. We’re going outside and going in the seat.
  5. Food: Are you hungry? Would you like more milk? More food?
  6. Date: Today is <Day of week>. <Month> <Day>
  7. Weather: It’s beautiful out today! Look at the pretty clouds.
  8. Danger: That’s the stove. The stove is hot. Ouch! Hot!
  9. Discipline: No, Thank you.
  10. Toys: Do you like the moose? Such a cute moose.
  11. Clothes: We’re putting on your shirt. These are socks. Yay socks.
  12. Colors: This is the color blue. Your shirt is red with animals
  13. Shapes: This ball rolls on the ground. This is a box.
  14. Encouragement: Can you say “Ba ba?” Ba baaaa
  15. Bathroom: Did you poo-pee? Poopie?
  16. Play dates: Do you want to say hi to your friends?
  17. Parent dates: Look at all these aunties and uncles! High five! Fist bump?
  18. Boo boos: Uh Oh! boo boo. Are you okay?
  19. Mirror: Who’s that pretty girl? Who loves to smile?
  20. Animals: What does the fox say?
  21. Counting: How many puffs are there? 1! (ha ha ha) 2! (ha ha ha) 3! 3 puffs.
  22. Drinks: Daddy is having some Daddy juice. This is a negroni. Can you say Campari?
  23. Errands: I went to the store today and bought groceries at Trader Joe’s. We love Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s makes city life more affordable.
  24. Pets: Say Hi to Henry. Hi, Henry. Henry is our fat lazy cat. Get a job, Henry.
  25. Cooking: Daddy is going to make dumplings with red vinegar. Mommy hates the smell of dumplings so Daddy cooks it when she’s not here.
  26. TV shows: Queer Eye’s Fab 5 are so handsome. I love how they got the band back together and do such incredible transformations in just a few days. I need the Fab 5 in my life. Let’s meet some gay people.
  27. Driving: Daddy can’t believe he got cut off in traffic. This freakin’ guy…
  28. Sports: Daddy is watching table tennis on YouTube. Look at that backhand down the line shot!
  29. Philosophy: If we are what we perceive then is everything subjective? What’s the meaning of life if it’s so fleeting? Should we just enjoy good company, tell fun stories, and laugh as often as possible?
  30. Children’s Books: Let’s read Bubbles, Bubbles for the 100th time…

But, seriously, you can talk to them about anything. Remember to pause to give them time to respond.

~See Lemons Chat with Evie