30 Lessons Learned from Solutions Offsite

Random Observation/Comment #606: Meshians are pretty damn cool.

Why this list?

Jam packed information workshops, 100 new faces-names-roles-locations mappings, and sleep deprivation leads to a rollercoaster week of immersion. When we have time to distill the overwhelming amount of collaboration and mesh love, maybe we’ll remember a great week and come to similar conclusions.

  1. Mesh culture’s DNA is based on trust, passion, positive attitude, alignment of purpose, and agility. Default to kindness. My full List of 30 here: http://seelemonslive.com/2018/09/20/30-signs-of-self-organizing-culture/
  2. We self-organize and practice leadership by influence
  3. We care about diversity, inclusion, and non-violent communication
  4. We’re all mesh citizens with citizen responsibilities and moral goodness
  5. We’re all incredibly bright and bring something different from our experiences to the table
  6. We also don’t always agree or may have some skepticism/challenging, but we express it with constructive discussions and proposals for how to make it better
  7. We’re all coaches for each other
  8. Build deep relationships and be a part of the community
  9. Ask value clarifying questions and be empathetic to your peers
  10. Coaches are not acting mentors, sponsors, or therapists. They listen and ask questions to help you find your own answer through self reflection.
  11. Recognize people’s strengths rather than weaknesses or errors. Grow your strength vocabulary.
  12. Apply coaching by numbers – Ask yourself and the team 10 out of 10 goals, current state baseline, and micro resolutions for immediate improvement towards +1
  13. Form ventures and innovate globally
  14. Our secret sauce is the people as much as the software (but the software is mostly open source)
  15. We usually don’t want to take deals that aren’t challenging
  16. We’re not just replacing legacy with a blockchain for novelty. Consider the bigger picture economics and reinvented impact and digital transformation across industries.
  17. We’re not singularly focused on short term ROI.
  18. Every project should have some human impact
  19. Our credentials and brand make us a trusted partner for building a new ecosystem and impact a digital transformation strategy
  20. If you have an idea, you can find someone else with the same passion and run with it
  21. Strategy is defined by project success
  22. Treat new initiatives with the same lean approach as a start up with limited resources.
  23. Have at least one contact/friend per region, multiple people per skill set, and one person per spoke
  24. Bootstrap your team with the lessons learned from previous projects and Devops, toolbox, reusable content, design patterns to scale quickly
  25. Collaborate cross region, cross industry, and cross roles. Cross mesh.
  26. Ethereum 2.0 layer 1 will be pretty huge, but scaling solutions already exist
  27. Don’t do things from scratch by yourself. Ask within the mesh for help because it’s likely someone is doing something similar.
  28. Hit the ground running with the “T” model breadth of mesh culture and blockchain impact potential with a depth to your expertise from your experiences
  29. Token Economics is really cool
  30. Follow up not for political allies, but for friends

~See Lemons Slainte