30 New Little Things

Random Observation/Comment #607: She’s the missing TARDIS to my Doctor Who.

Why this list?

I lived for a lot of little things and even wrote a whole list about it: http://seelemonslive.com/2015/08/07/list-of-30-the-little-things/

Since writing this list, there have been a lot of new little things that have been making me beam with pride and joy. Happiness still comes in little doses. Enjoy them because they grow up so fast.

Things I Love Now

  1. Her smile so wide she squints
  2. Her little giggle and squeal
  3. When she holds my finger with her tiny hands
  4. Her swaying and bobbing when she hears a song
  5. Her love of blueberries to the point of stuffing a handful in her mouth until she can barely chew
  6. When she says “uh ooooh” after dropping something
  7. Her reaction when I pick her up at daycare
  8. Her high five and pointy fingers
  9. When she solves a puzzle and claps her hands
  10. When she sits down in a corner and reads a book
  11. Peek-a-boo and tag games
  12. When she drinks her milk with one hand like a boss
  13. Seeing her curiosity of different things
  14. Seeing her learn something new and her face lights up with excitement
  15. Singing her lullaby every night

Things I Can’t Wait to Be There For

  1. When she finally figures out how to do the buckle (she’s been fascinated and trying a long time)
  2. Introduction to fairy tales and fantasy
  3. When she knows more Chinese than her mother and we have a secret bond over language
  4. When she tells a joke that makes everyone laugh
  5. When she figures out throwing a ball or Frisbee
  6. When she starts picking her own clothes and fashion
  7. When she understands the wonders of the universe and astrology
  8. Her “why” phase
  9. When she experiments playing with different musical instruments
  10. When she learns the lyrics to her favorite song
  11. When she rides her first bike
  12. When she calls someone her friend
  13. When she creates something she’s proud of
  14. When she learns to cook a simple dish
  15. When she tells us she loves us

~See Lemons Love The Little Things