30 Signs of a Toddler

Random Observation/Comment #611: When did my cute baby become a mad (but still cute) toddler?

Why This List?

It happens slowly with signs of defiance and then all at once – your crawling & cooing infant has become a running & screaming toddler. It’s still extremely enjoyable and immensely rewarding, but very different. I’ve been putting together some personal toddler management strategies and ways to make sure years 1 to 3 are filled with important learning, but before sharing that I think we need to know when you have a toddler.

  1. Speaking: Repeat of random words and better understanding of context
  2. Speaking: Repeat of words you do not want her to repeat due to reactions
  3. Phrases: Words like “more”, “uh-oh”, and “all done” get cuter and cuter
  4. Phrases: Words like “no” and “stop” will be used for everything
  5. Crying: Babies cry. Newborns cry. Infants cry. Toddlers cry.
  6. Crying: Toddlers also whine and fake cry. It’s a thing.
  7. Eating: Ability to not just eat puree foods, but lots of other goodies
  8. Eating: Ability to throw everything off their high chair if they don’t like something
  9. Chewing: Ability to chew larger chunks
  10. Chewing: Ability to ignore chewing and shove all smaller chunks you cut into their mouths
  11. Teeth: Lots more teeth and gnawing on things
  12. Teeth: Random fevers and sleep regression
  13. Teeth: Teeth-brushing and all the joys of figuring out what works
  14. Eating Preferences: Love of different tastes and curiosity on trying new things you’re eating
  15. Eating Preferences: Hate of different tastes and stubbornness to try something again that looks similar
  16. Moving: Less crawling and more walking
  17. Moving: Sometimes less walking and more falling
  18. Learning: Love of puzzles and buckles to see how it works
  19. Learning: Love of taking everything apart
  20. Learning: Sponge-like ability to soak up everything with more abstract areas like colors and shapes
  21. Reading: Helping you turn pages and follow along with pictures
  22. Reading: Losing interest and just wanting to take out all the books
  23. Sleeping: Some sleep regression is normal during teething
  24. Sleeping: If you use the “cry it out method”, let’s just hope you have forgiving neighbors
  25. Manipulation: I don’t get what I want, so I’m going to cry
  26. Manipulation: If I sit down and cry, you will probably pick me up. You are weak. You love me.
  27. Manipulation: If I play with dirty shoes while you’re cooking then you will stop cooking and pay attention to me.
  28. Manipulation: If I wriggle like a worm while you strap me into the stroller, you will give me a cookie to calm me down
  29. Manipulation: If I grab your glasses then you’ll know I’m hungry or sleepy or uncomfortable or anxious around people or gassy or generally unhappy (check all of those)
  30. Smiles and Laughs: Much more of these

~See Lemons with a Toddler