30 Ideas that Defined Sibos 2019

Random Observation/Comment #629: There are times I miss wearing suits and ties. By day 4 of sibos, it’s so much easier to fall into the crypto t-shirt and jeans with AllBirds.

Why this list?

Sibos is always impressive and insightful. If you didn’t pay the expensive ticket price, you can watch most of the main sessions and panels on the Sibos YouTube channel. The value of insight from these talks is only a fraction of the importance of networking via speaking with heads of department across institutions. It’s a place to build relationships and trust.

For ConsenSys, we also had the chance to be together in a large and remote company. Those interested in our digital material, we have listed all the files on pointdrive.

In taking on the challenge of condensing all the information and discussions of this edition of Sibos into list format, here’s what the finance and banking industries are talking about and working towards after a week spent converged in London…

1. Blockchain applications are in production — Komgo

2. Technology is no longer the bottleneck

3. Give data ownership back to banks — “It’s your data, you should own it” — DrumG’s vision

4. Central Bank digital currency interest

5. Decentralized/distributed institutional trust

6. Consensus components

7. Better, faster, and cheaper services that are sustainable

8. Shared IT services

9. Real time fraud detection components

10. Creation of new markets and liquidity

11. Self-sovereign and self-control of data

12. Decentralized identifiers and transparency

13. Mobile first customer experience

14. “Privacy is dead, long live agency”

15. Data science teams building bespoke models

16. Machine learning and AI for everything — constantly adjusting, tweaking and learning for optimization

17. Open banking APIs and a continued growth of fintech

18. Shortest path algorithms optimized for speed or cost

19. Financial inclusion initiatives — emerging markets are more mobile friendly

20. Humanize the technology and services

21. The Digital ethics committee / council

22. Cleaning up digital pollution

23. “Chief Ecosystem Officer”

24. Celebrating a decade of continued digital transformation

25. Payments vs identity? Are payments leading to identity adoption?

26. Asset backed tokens and crypto anchors — in association with DeFi

27. Trust in the network of algorithms

28. Innovation with a consortium — first to market solution and delivery

29. Cyber security and cyber risk management

30. Terminator vs Robocop vs Borganism

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