30 Parent-Child Halloween Costume Ideas

Random Observation/Comment #631: She’s the TARDIS to my Dr Who.

Why this list?

One of the many joys of parenting comes from dressing up your baby/infant/toddler. They’re just so darn cute and likely an awesome Halloween costume accessory. Here are some random ideas I had for Daddy-daughter costumes. It started with movie/TV-show based ideas and then got more creative.

1. Ash and eevee pokemon
2. Harry Potter & hedgwig owl
3. Dr Who & TARDIS baby
4. Stranger Things 80s Miami cop with Eleven
5. Star Wars Han solo with a baby chewy
6. Star Wars Jedi with baby bb8 Droid
7. Jurassic Parkdinosaur kids
8. Men in Black with baby alien
9. Peppa pig family dress up
10. Ghostbusters with baby marshmallow
11. Ratatouille baby rat with chef
12. Aladdin with baby monkey or parrot
13. Peter pan and tinkerbell
14. Wizard of Oz Lion and Dorothy
15. John Wick with baby dog costume
16. Wall-E and Eva
17. Shrek and baby donkey
18. Stuck in an era – Greece lightning dress up (maybe looks like Stranger Things)
19. Country-based – Japanese robes – Daddy Samurai with baby geisha
20. Astronaut with moon
21. Baby shark and school of fish
22. Baby bear and park ranger
23. Baby loofah and dad in bathrobe
24. Baby burrito wrapped in foil and hungry guy
25. Tuxedo & ballerina
26. Foods – Avocado & Toast
27. Trader Joe and shopper with basket of plastic foods (plus trader joe stickers)
28. Baby zookeeper with her stuffed animals – Dad dressed as a stuffed animal
29. Baby Alexa/Echo (black clothes with blue glow hat) and Voice commands
30. Nerdy – Miners and baby blockchain

~See Lemons Love Halloween