30 Things from 2010s

Random Observation/Comment #633: Writing this blogpost made me feel old. I don’t know if I’ll be nostalgic of the 2010’s like I was of the 90’s.

Why this list?

Thinking of life in decades is really strange when so many little things that happen get enveloped by the larger span and gradient of trends and fads. I had a lot of fun reflecting on what major technological impacts have had on global emergent patterns to adopting new/better/worse ways of getting things done. Maybe one day I’ll look back at this list and just laugh — “remember when you actually typed on a keyboard” or “remember when Facebook, Google, and Amazon were all huge companies with monopolies on consumer adoption?”

  1. A smart phone in everyone’s hands globally
  2. The rise of tablets
  3. Emergence of minimalist design
  4. Flat screens to curved screens to no bevel screens to infinity screens
  5. New age of advertising away from regularly scheduled programs
  6. Binge watching and on-demand steaming
  7. Explosion of content creation
  8. The beginnings of AR and VR (the short lived Google Glass experiment)
  9. Growth of Internet stardom and Influencers
  10. Vaping (before it got banned)
  11. E-dating as a default way of meeting people
  12. The decade of Facebook data sharing
  13. The death of privacy
  14. Recommendations and information bubbles
  15. Beard fashion with undercuts
  16. A decade of memes! The meme Renaissance.
  17. Uberfying everything
  18. Beginning of the gig economy downfall
  19. Technology promoting remote working conditions
  20. Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) to DAOs/ICOs to blockchain to LAOs /STOs
  21. Decade of growth and recovery before the great recession
  22. Emergence of awareness in the 0.1% divide
  23. All the comic book movies
  24. Podcast explosion
  25. Wireless everything
  26. Our relationship with audio – voice-enabled commands
  27. Smart home boom
  28. Decline of traditional media
  29. Black mirror was right
  30. A decade of making 2020 vision jokes

~See Lemons Remembering the 2010s