30 Things SAs Do

Random Observation/Comment #643: I never thought I’d find my ideal role, but I’m clearly a Solutions Architect at heart.

Why this list?

Sometimes people ask me “what do you do?” and it’s not always that easy to pin point. As a Solutions Architect (SA), I do a blend of sales and solutions engineering. Sometimes I’m out selling and other times I’m delivering advisory engagements. The skill set requires both (a) the ability to understand the platform options and product features for a particular business industry, and (b) being client-facing and polished in presentations. We have a wide range of talents which helps close sales deals and pass the final test from other architects buying solutions.

Within ConsenSys, this is where we fit into the sales and delivery process:

  1. Provide Sales resource the necessary technical support and advisory
  2. Provide subject matter expertise for a particular industry
  3. Collect client feedback for products
  4. Collect industry feedback for platforms
  5. Jointly create platform comparisons
  6. Jointly create competitive analysis for products
  7. Understand the growth and status of the ecosystem and market
  8. Help shape product strategy based on client feedback
  9. Foster client relationships with technical contacts of the organization
  10. Write high level requirements on components required for a solution use case
  11. Draw architecture diagrams for system interactions and design components
  12. Draw high level feature mapping based on the use case
  13. Conduct gap analysis between products and new features
  14. High level due diligence on process, technology, and products
  15. Conduct demos of products
  16. Answer detailed technical questions on the product’s architecture
  17. Collect Non-functional requirements for a product’s deployment
  18. Present to partners and affiliates on the value of a product
  19. Create new industry case studies of successful product implementations
  20. Analyze reusable design patterns across industries
  21. Update and maintain a solutions toolbox for other SAs
  22. Contribute useful news/readingof latest systems to other SAs
  23. Interact with SMEs to learn more about the industry
  24. Interact with Engineers to learn more about the product
  25. Interact with BD to understand the sales opportunities
  26. Help with project scoping and high level effort sizing
  27. Help with advisory proposal building and approximate timelines
  28. Conduct workshops to better understand business pain points and technical implementation
  29. Hand-off documentation and requirements to the project delivery team
  30. Attend and present at conferences to stay updated on the market, meet with other industry leaders, and grow opportunities

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