30 Random Toys for Evie

Random Observation/Comment #645: The best toy is the parent’s attention. Be here. Be now.

Why this List?

There are a lot of fancy toys out there, but why spend money on them when your kid will likely just play with random things in the house? You can also just go to a dollar store and get some of these (but they should be lying around).

  1. Empty box – She’s kind of like a cat.
  2. Plastic glove – Really any glove. The blue ones are cool.
  3. Bubble wrap – Squishy.
  4. Old remote – It used to be more fascinating to her, but now she just wants to use it to put on the TV.
  5. Calculator – Put that TI86 to good use. Any cheap 99-cent calculator works too.
  6. Zippers / Small zip lock bags – Although she now knows how to open most ziplock candies. Please make sure it’s not a size where she can fit her head into.
  7. Chapstick – Make sure it’s edible.
  8. Rope / Robe’s string – For some reason she likes to pretend it’s a tie
  9. Humidifier – Especially if it beeps and emits smoke. She’ll likely spill all the water out.
  10. Thermometer – Especially the kind that measures on the forehead – be careful she doesn’t stare at the light.
  11. Tupperware + Wooden spoon – Little drummer girl.
  12. Empty bottles for opening and closing – Warning this teaches her how to open normal bottles. We now only give her soy creamer cartons that are closed.
  13. Wet wipes or kitchen towels – She either cleans things up or lays them flat on her stuffed animals to pretend they’re sleeping.
  14. Stickers – Any stickers are awesome.
  15. Slippers – She loves wearing over-sized shoes and slippers.
  16. Tape measure – Retractable fun (try to get a small one so it doesn’t hurt on the flick).
  17. Keys – Remember to remove all sharp objects.
  18. Refrigerator magnets – All those travel magnets are put to good use now.
  19. Hair clips and hair ties – She just likes the springy motion. Wearing hair ties on her wrist is also the cool thing to do.
  20. Mirrors – Standing or small ones – make sure they don’t shatter.
  21. Wireless (disconnected) keyboard/mouse – I think she’s mimicking her parents’ working on the laptop.
  22. Wallets – She likes taking out the cards and hiding them.
  23. Ping pong balls – Luckily I have a mini paddle for her – it makes a tingy sound on the bounce.
  24. Deck of cards (playing or business) – Do a few shuffles and she’ll find them pretty cool. A lot of 52 card pick up.
  25. Baby monitor – She actually thinks this is her personal phone.
  26. Ice packs – There are squishy ones that are cold. Make sure she doesn’t bite them (which she will).
  27. Hats – Anything is a hat.
  28. Pill case (empty) – Little pockets for jamming in random items. She does know how to unlock too many things now.
  29. Magazines – Anything with thinner pages are really interesting because she’s been used to turning pages from the cardboard books. It’s great seeing her learn.
  30. Daddy’s glasses – I think it’s because she wants me to chase her when she takes them from me. Best game ever.

~See Lemons Play with Evie