30 Ways to Get Cryptocurrency Exposure

Random Observation/Comment #646: Fake internet money is pretty amazing. Much wow. Such awesomeness.

Why this List?

Whether it’s “number go up” or because you’re scared that the coronavirus outbreak will lead to a series of delayed supply chain impacts on global trade and consumption, you probably want to diversify your portfolio to include some type of cryptocurrency (shameless plug for Ethereum)

Ever since the first bull run, investors have wanted to get some direct or indirect exposure to the new market of value and the promise of improved efficiencies. I’ve found it interesting that the agreement to run the same software and use the same protocols actually leads to more distributed powers and level playing field.

Even if your company doesn’t want to participate, maybe there’s a market where you can create a legitimate service for diversifying against existential threats of recession.

Direct Exposure

  1. Buy cryptocurrencies (add to corporate banking books)
  2. Buy/Sell cryptocurrency pairs (watch that BTC/ETH)
  3. Create a cryptocurrency trading desk (separate company to protect existing work)
  4. Buy/Sell futures contracts
  5. Build algorithms for arbitrage between exchanges
  6. Start a cryptocurrency exchange (or sell software for a whitelabel product)
  7. Start a crypto-hedgefund
  8. Create a crypto-hedgefund partnership (i.e. recommendations of High Net Worth / family office clients)
  9. Stake tokens into networks
  10. Invest in a Mining operation
  11. Create a testnet with other institutions for a region-wide sandbox (i.e. find CBDC payments use case and build off-chain apps for it)
  12. Provide services for doing direct-to-blockchain issuances (shameless plug for codefi assets)
  13. Build top of stack applications (dapps)
  14. Create a custody, treasury, and tax management system
  15. Participate in DeFi with loans and derivatives

Indirect Exposure

  1. Invest in a blockchain company (funding)
  2. Buy a blockchain company (merge)
  3. Invest in a VC that invests in blockchain initiatives
  4. Invest in a portfolio of VCs diversified across multiple blockchain use cases and platforms
  5. Create a consortium across multiple industries to solve a business problem
  6. Fund hackathons and their business case focuses
  7. Participate in hackathons
  8. Host institution-wide hackathons for internal teams to build a developer community
  9. Buy blockchain software
  10. Buy blockchain-based modules to existing software
  11. Join a partner/affiliate program for reselling software
  12. Buy stocks in companies that are building digital asset strategies (e.g. $DOCU, $OSTK, $HIVE)
  13. Buy stocks in companies that are industry adjacent like cryptocurrency mining hardware (e.g. $AMD)
  14. Join a standards foundation to stay involved in relevant Working Groups (e.g. EEA, Hyperledger)
  15. Write an RFP for someone else to suggest a solution for a business problem

~See Lemons Exposed to Crypto