30 Coronavirus Priorities

Random Observation/Comment #656: Homeschooling must be exhausting.

Why this List?

Unprecedented times. We hope everyone is safe and healthy. Personally, we’ve been reshuffling our priorities and activities because the world is now a little different now. Hunkering down. Trying to stay positive.

Global Health

  1. Stay at home. Practice social distancing.
  2. Don’t spread/support misinformation or mass panic – see 30 Ways to Evaluate News
  3. Stay informed, but try not to go too far into predicting a bleak future.
  4. Be kind to each other.

Family Health / Hygiene

  1. Don’t get sick.
    • Wash your hands.
    • Clean your phone.
    • Moisturize your hands.
  2. Make sure we have enough supplies and food. Don’t hoard.
    1. Tip: Buy fresh foods, cook them, and freeze them if canned foods aren’t available.
  3. Enjoy family time.
  4. Keep Evie entertained and learning.
  5. Make sure to get enough sleep.


  1. Give each other personal space and free time.
  2. Cook to de-stress. Freeze your meals.
  3. Stay distracted with some video games (I wish I got an Oculus so I could play Half Life Alyx).
  4. Write or draw in a personal journal.
  5. Keep challenging yourself.
  6. Do a workout challenge (push-ups or yoga).
  7. Read a book (Currently on “Masters of Doom” and “The Faceless Old Woman who secretly lives in your home”).
  8. Do a jigsaw puzzle.
  9. Try not to drink every night (although this one is pretty tough right now – see the 30 Days of Being Sober Curious).


  1. Check on your web of peeps with messages on any platform – Ask to see if they’re okay and tell them how you’re doing.
  2. Try a virtual happy hour or yoga session.
  3. Try a virtual play date with other kids.
  4. Try a Youtube or Twitch live stream.


  1. Communicate/Over-communicate with your team – We are all in the same boat and will be understanding.
  2. Communicate with your partner on childcare duties – Consider 30 Joint WFH Tips
  3. Contact your work mentors and old colleagues
  4. Learn something new for your future career


  1. Remake your budget – Consider your 30 Recurring Bills and cut out non essentials
  2. Calculate your rainy day fund runway and consider your living situation
  3. Consider buying some long term stock winners in a few weeks (Bottom could be linked to right before peak of unemployment or right before peak of coronavirus cases/deaths). Bigger companies like Amazon are not going away. Games, VR, and Remote working companies may still exist. Not good for travel, tourism, theme parks, restaurants, retail, and real estate.
  4. Consider a cryptocurrency exposure – See 30 Ways to Get Cryptocurrency Exposure

~See Lemons Stay at Home